Mongolia 3 Million TPA Gold Mine Heap Leaching Project

Mongolia is rich in mineral resources and gold mines are widely distributed. In 2023, the 3 million TPA gold heap leaching project undertaken by Xinhai Mining was successfully put into operation. The project adopted Xinhai Mining's customized EPCM+O service . The Mongolian Plateau has a harsh climate, with severe cold and long winters. The complete set of gold mining equipment manufactured by Xinhai Mining can work around the clock at a temperature of minus 35°C, improving the production efficiency of the project!

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Xinhai Solution

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    Based on the ore sample test results, Xinhai Mining Design Institute carried out design work for the gold mine project. During the design process of the gold ore concentrator, Xinhai mining technicians conducted on-site inspections of the Mongolian mining environment, plan and design the concentrator according to local conditions, and developed a scientific and efficient gold mine production line after fully optimizing the design plan.

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    Xinhai Mining provided a complete set of customized equipment for the gold mine project. According to the climate and terrain characteristics of Mongolia, the equipment was innovatively transformed to achieve all-weather operation at a temperature of minus 35°C, efficient and smooth operation, and improved the gold mine dressing plant operating efficiency based on reality.

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    After the complete set of equipment for the gold mine project was manufactured, Xinhai Mining safely delivered all the equipment to the project site through a complete packaging and shipping management system. The use of container numbering and instructions management systems greatly improved the efficiency of on-site loading and unloading.

Project Result

The smooth commissioning of Xinhai Mining's 3 million TPA gold mine project in Mongolia is another successful practice of Xinhai Mining EPCM+O services! As the proposer and practitioner of EPC+M+O service, Xinhai Mining will continue to adhere to customer demand-oriented, provide high-quality products and high-quality services.