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Methods Used in the Leaching Processing of Gold?

2015-12-17 XinHai Views (1361)

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The gold ores in China have a maldistribution. Moreover, there are mainly some gold ores that are difficult to extract. The leaching mining methods of such gold ore are relatively complex. However, there are some big sized minerals in such gold ores. Before the gold extraction processing, it can adopt the gold modern mining methods of gravity and rough concentration to recycle the gold ore with bigger size. It then has the gold cyanide leaching on the gold ores with fine grain. By recycling some of the gold ores earlier, it conforms to the leaching principle of previous recycling economically, accords with the economic development as well as meets the policy of being cost-effective. During thegold mining methods of gravity and rough concentration, the gold leaching processing equipment that can be used covers chute. The representative gold leaching processing chute is fixed chute. This chute can be divided into two kinds chute when processing gold: the big sized chute and the small sized chute. The advantages of such gold processing equipment are no need of power, low cost and easy operation. It is an effective equipment to recover the gold with coarse grain above 0.2mm. The disadvantages are the need of intermittent operation, high labor intensity of workers and low recovery rate of gold with fine fraction. Nevertheless, it can recycle the gold particle with high grade in the gold ores.

The gold ore after the gravity cannot be graded by it physical properties, so it should have the cyanide leaching on the rest minerals. The gold leaching equipment the processing need is leaching tank and adsorption tank. Between the two, the leaching tank is used for the contact between the gold element in the gold ore and the cyanide components in the solution and promotes the dissolution to occur. While the adsorption tank of the gold processing machine is to absorb the soluble gold element and collect it, then it gets the enrichment of gold element.

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