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Shandong 1 Million TPA Zirconium Titanium Ore Project

The raw ore of the project is mainly imported from Africa, Madagascar, Southeast Asia and other regions, and has complex composition. The process flow adopted by domestically imported zirconium-titanium ore concentrators is relatively simple. Only titanium and zirconium are recovered, resulting in serious loss of metal minerals and limited concentrate quality. After on-site environmental investigation and research and multiple rounds of plan modifications, Xinhai technical personnel finally determined the innovative process flow of the Shandong 1 million TPA zirconium-titanium ore project, taking into account the needs of cost saving, environmental protection, safety, automation and so on.

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Xinhai Solution

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    1.Raw ore scrubbing and desliming - titanium ore wet magnetic separation - magnetic tailings classification - classified grain gravity separation - electric separation - sewage treatment

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    2.Zircon titanium ore contains 0.3% mud, which affects both wet magnetic separation and subsequent gravity separation. At the same time, mud will be distributed into all slurries, affecting the sewage treatment effect. In the innovative process of Xinhai Mining, a scrubbing and desliming process is added after slurry agitation to scrub away the mud and other impurities on the surface of the ore particles. It can provide relatively clean raw materials for subsequent wet magnetic separation and gravity separation operations. Titanium ore and the quality of valuable products such as zircon sand and rutile has also been further improved. At the same time, the amount of mud processed after scrubbing and desliming is greatly reduced, reducing the burden of subsequent sewage treatment work.

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    3.For gravity separation operations using spiral chute and shaking table, the narrower the particle size range, the better the gravity separation effect will be. In this design, classifying operations are added before gravity separation to enhance the beneficiation effect.

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    4.When designing the process, Xinhai Mining fully considers the re-selection of intermediate products, repeatedly selects the intermediate products produced in the zircon and rutile electro-selection stages, and maximizes product recovery rate and concentrate grade through process design and equipment layout.

Project Result

The Shandong 1 million TPA zirconium-titanium ore project (Phase I) was officially put into operation. The concentrator adopts Xinhai Mining's innovative and customized technical solutions to maximize the recovery of valuable minerals in the raw ore and accurately recover the 15 kinds of useful minerals! This project breaks through the limitations of the old mineral processing methods in China and builds the country's first large-scale, automated, zero-emission zirconium and titanium mineral processing plant. The mineral recovery rate and comprehensive benefits of the mineral processing plant are greatly improved, truly realizing the goal of improving quality through technology and promoting development through innovation!