Press Filter Used for Mineral Processing Dewatering, On-Site Video

Press Filter Used for Mineral Processing Dewatering, On-Site Video

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Press Filter Used for Mineral Processing Dewatering, Press Filter Working Process On-Site Video, Xinhai

Press Filter is a kind of dewatering equipment applied to mineral processing. Filter press consists of a series of filter chambers formed between square, rectangular or round filter plates supported on a metal frame. It is suitable for concentrate filtration and dry discharge of tailings, the particle size can be up to 500 meshes.

The structure of Press filter consists of filter plate, filter frame, filter cloth and squeezing diaphragm. The two sides of the filter plate are coated by cloth. When squeezing diaphragm need to configure, filter plate consists of diaphragm plate and side plate. Press Filter relies on pressure of slurry pump including chamber press filter and plate press filter.

With an innovation and improvement from Xinhai, Xinhai Automatic Hydraulic Chamber Filter Press replaces traditional filtering plate with plastic steel filtering plate, and develops a programmable control system. Therefore, Xinhai Press Filter achieves many advantages such as stable performance, high automation, safety and reliability, convenient operation and backwashing operation.

Automatic hydraulic chamber filter press is a kind of intermittent solid-liquid separation equipment designed and manufactured by using mechanical and electrical integration with reasonable structure add easy operation. It can achieve all processes such as filter plate compression, pressure maintain and filter plate release. The filter chamber is composed of chamber plate, filter frame plate or chamber plate. By the pressure of the feeding pump, the slurry is fed into the filter chamber, and the solid and liquid are separated through the filter medium. From the on-site video, the working principle of this kind of dewatering machine can be seen clearly.

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