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Equipment and Quotation for Quartz Sand Production Line

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Quartz sand (also known as silica sand) is a non-metallic mineral, but also the raw material of nearly 100 kinds of industrial products. If you want to be successfully applied to all industries, the quartz sand needs to be purified, so what is the equipment used in the quartz sand production line in the purification process? What's the price? Let's understand it together!

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01Introduction of quartz sand production line equipment

Generally, quartz sand production line equipment is based on the mineral processing process, such as a Xinhai quartz sand mineral processing project, Xinhai designs process for two half a closed-circuit crushing&screening - one closed-circuit grinding - desliming - magnetic separation - concentrate dehydration process, according to the process to determine the quartz sand production line equipment is: crusher, screening machine, mill, classifying machine, dehydration equipment, magnetic separation equipment, etc. So no matter what kind of quartz sand type, basically follow the parts of crushing, screening, grinding, classifying, separation, dehydration. The following is around these parts to introduce the quartz sand production line equipment types.


1. Crushing equipment of quartz sand production line

Crushing is the primary stage of dissolving quartz sand ore. Generally, large mineral stones are sent into the crusher for crushing to obtain particles with small grain size. The main equipment used in this stage are jaw crusher, hammer crusher and cone crusher, of which jaw crusher is used in rough crushing stage; hammer crusher generally does medium crushing operations, and cone crusher often works in the second or third sections for fine crushing.

2. Screening equipment of quartz sand production line

In the process of quartz sand production line, the screening operation is completed with the crushing and screening work. When the large particle ore is discharged after crushing, it will first pass through the screening machine, and the qualified particle size will enter the next mineral processing flow, and the particles with large particle size will be returned to the crusher by the belt conveyor. The main equipment used in this stage are circular vibration screen, auto centering vibration screen and linear vibration screen. The circular vibrating screening machine is used for material particle size classification. Auto-centering vibration screen is suitable for fine mineral classification, and linear vibration screen is suitable for dehydration, sludge, stripping and heavy media.


3. Grinding equipment of quartz sand production line

Quartz sand ore grains in the crushing and screening stage will enter the grinding process. Quartz sand particles are ground to grinding by the action of the ball mill or rod mill equipment to meet optional particle size requirements. In the grinding process, the products need to scrub the impurities (such as film iron, mud, etc.) with the help of a scrubbing machine. The equipment applied in this stage includes wet rod mill, grid-type ball mill, overflow ball mill and so on. In addition to completing the grinding operation, the rod mill can also play a scrubbing role to a certain extent to remove some impurities. The grid type ball mill mainly does rough grinding, which is often used in one-stage grinding. Overflow ball mill is mainly fine grinding and applied in the second-satge grinding operation.


4. Classifying equipment of quartz sand production line

The classification is mainly coordinated with the grinding operation. In order to ensure that the particle size after grinding process meets the requirements, it is sent to the classifier for classification. The coarse size returns to the ball mill, and the qualified size goes to the next step. There are two kinds of equipment used in this stage: spiral classifier and hydrocyclone. Among them, the spiral classifier is used for coarse grain classification, often used with the grid type ball mill. Hydrocyclone is used for fine grain grading and is often used with the overflow ball mill. If the rod mill is used, the type of classifying machine should be determined according to the process scheme.

5. Separation equipment of the quartz sand production line

Quartz sand separation equipment is determined according to the process scheme, the common scheme is scrubbing, magnetic separation, flotation separation, gravity separation and pickling.


Quartz sand scrubbing equipment: scrubbing machine has two types of spiral scrub and agitation scrub. When dealing with a more coarse-grained level, the spiral scrub machine can be selected. If the mud content is high, choose the agitation type scrub machine is appropriate.

Quartz sand magnetic separation equipment: magnetic separation is mainly used to remove the strong magnetic and weak magnetic impurity minerals existing in quartz. The equipment mainly includes wet strong magnetic separator, high gradient magnetic separator, weak magnetic separator (medium magnetic separator) and so on. Among them, the wet strong magnetic separator is mostly used to remove the weak magnetic minerals such as hematite, limonite and biotite existing in quartz sand. High gradient magnetic separator is often used in secondary magnetic separation operations, or it deals with some weak magnetic minerals, such as hornblende, pyroxene, and the joints of magnetic minerals and quartz, etc. Weak magnetic separator is mostly used to remove magnetite in quartz sand, which is strong magnetic separation of iron minerals.


Quartz sand flotation separation equipment: flotation is a process used to remove non-magnetic associated impurities such as feldspar and mica in quartz. The main application of flotation equipment has mechanical agitation flotation machine, air agitation flotation machine. Among them, the mechanical agitation flotation machine has SF flotation machine, JJF flotation machine and BF flotation machine. The inflatable agitation flotation machine include XCF, KYF, CLF, BSK, BSF and XHF. In the actual process of mineral processing, various types can be used in combination, or a flotation machine can be combined, specifically according to the process.

Quartz sand gravity separation equipment: when there is a small amount of heavy mineral impurities in the quartz sand raw material, the large mineral should be separated from quartz sand by gravity separation method. In this stage, the selected equipment is mainly the spiral chute, which is to use the water flow in the chute to separate. It gives the ore pulp into the chute with a certain Angle, and the ore particles are stratified according to the density under the action of the impulse of the water flow, the gravity and centrifugal force of the mineral particles and the friction force.

Quartz sand pickling equipment: after the separated quartz sand concentrate, there are also certain iron impurities, in order to better purification, pickling method can be used. Generally, it is first washed with water, remove miscellaneous, and then soaked with acid washing to obtain the product for drying. The main application of the equipment is the pickling tank and various pickling agents.


6. Dehydration equipment of quartz sand production line

The dehydration process is the quartz sand concentrate obtained after separation, and then convenient for subsequent smelting. In this stage, the commonly used filtration equipment are thickener, dewatering screen, filter press and filter. Among them, the thickeners are mostly inclined plate thickeners, similar to the dewatering screen, suitable for fine grain quartz sand concentration and dehydration. Filter press and filter are mostly used in the final stage of dehydration, so that the water content is less than 15%.

02Quotation for quartz sand production line equipment

In view of the above, a complete set of quartz sand production line equipment is introduced, so what is the price of these equipment? It mainly depends on whether to buy a single device or a complete set of equipment. Generally, complete sets of equipment are more cost-effective. In addition, when purchasing equipment, each manufacturer's equipment pricing standards are different, and the equipment's model specifications, functions, and production costs are also different, so the pricing standards are different. More importantly, the size of the quartz sand production line is also the main reason for determining the equipment price. If the scale is large, the type of equipment selected will be large and there will be more equipment, so the price will be more expensive.


In the entire concentrator, the proportion of investment and energy consumption of grinding equipment can basically account for 50% to 70% of the whole plant, and the price is relatively expensive. Therefore, the customization of the process and the selection of equipment are very important, which is the guarantee of the return on investment of the entire dressing plant.

Xinhai Mining is a mining enterprise that provides services for the entire mining industry chain. The beneficiation test can be carried out for quartz sand ore samples, and a suitable quartz sand beneficiation process plan, quartz sand beneficiation plant construction plan and complete set of quartz sand production line equipment can be designed according to the data. The plant can be put into production quickly and get a return on investment as soon as possible. If necessary, welcome to consult.

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