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How to Choose the Right Ball Mill Manufacturers?

2020-09-09 XinHai Views (2310)

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At present, there are thousands of ball mill manufacturers in the market, so how do we choose a suitable one with nice strength and reputation from those ball mill manufacturers? Here, Xinhai gives you some tips for choosing the right ball mill manufacturers.

We know that the ball mill is one of the grinding equipment, and the grinding equipment is the core of the mineral processing plant, and the grinding operation is also a large part of energy consumption. Therefore, in the view of the long-term comprehensive income, it is very important to choose the suitable ball mill machine manufacturers with the reasonable price, strong comprehensive strength, full-equipped after-sales service, high-efficient, and energy-saving ball mill. When choosing the ball mill manufacturers, we should take the following into consideration:

01The innovation ability of the ball mill machine manufacturers

In general, whether an enterprise can go for a long time depends on whether the enterprise has the ability to research and development capabilities. Design and research the new ball mill is the foundation to support the development of the ball mill machine manufacturers. With the rapid development of the times, the new type equipment will quickly seize the market, especially the machinery industry.

Xinhai ball mill

For example, Xinhai Mining has a number of innovative technologies in the research and development of ball mill, such as the transmission system with slow transmission system device, hydraulic jacking device, multiple feeding device and discharging methods, large and small gear spray lubrication system, antifriction bearing and sliding bearing, sliding bearing, overall rack, which greatly improve the grinding efficiency of ball mill, and reduce the energy consumption and power consumption of ball mill. Compared with the conventional ball mill, Xinhai ball mill can save more 30% of energy.

In addition, the overall rack of the ball mill enables the whole ball mill to be installed on a whole welding frame, which is connected with the foundation. The installation and commission of ball mill are accomplished in the factory. Just put it on the pre-made foundation at the scene, and find the level and install it firmly. It reduces the engineering quantity and working period, and also convenient for the long-term transportation of equipment.

02Production capacity and spare parts supply capacity of the ball mill machine manufacturers

A complete ball mill is composed of a cylinder, large and small gears, reducer, motor, bearing, bearing support, ball mill bracket and various parts (such as wear-resisting rubber liner, steel ball). In addition to some national standard parts, the ball mill manufactures can provide more spare parts means that the technical strength of ball mill manufacturers is better.

As one of the most professional ball mill manufacturers, Xinhai Mining can provide the ball mill equipment and various basic accessories. But, Xinhai Mining can also configure the motor, reducer, bearing and electrical components from the international brands according to the user requirements. For example, the motor is from ABB or SIEMENS, the reducer is from SEW and Sumitomo, the bearing is from SKF or TIMKEN, the electrical components are from Schneider, ABB or SIEMENS, which not only ensures the efficient and stable operation of the ball mill for a long time, greatly reduces the problem of ball mill, but also saves the investment cost.

ball mill
(Xinhai ball mill is used for Morocco 500tpd silver flotation plant)
ball mill machine

(Xinhai ball mill is used for Pakistan 1500tpd copper processing plant)

03Whether the service system of the ball mill manufacturer is perfect

The ball mill manufacturers shall be equipped with the ball mill research and development capacities, delivery and shipping, installation and debugging, after-sales service, which indicate that the ball mill manufacturers have a strong production capacity and perfect service system.

Xinhai Mining can not only produce the ball mill equipment by itself, but also has a complete packing and delivery system, on-site installation and debugging service system, which not only guarantees the safe production of the equipment, but also effectively ensures the installation quality and speed of the ball mill. In addition, Xinhai Mining also has the perfect after-sales consulting service and workers training service.

The Above is about how to choose the right ball mill manufacturers. The right ball mill manufacturers can select the suitable ball mill types and equipment parameters according to your plant condition, thus help you to obtain the ideal mineral processing indicator.

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