Principle of rake thickener

2018-08-23 XinHai Views (1121)

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The principle of rake thickener is to achieve solid separation through the gravity sedimentation of solid particles in the slurry. It is featured with large processing capacity and fast discharging speed, easily controlling and low moisture. There are various types of rake thickener produced by Xinhai, including peripheral transmission thickener, hydraulic motor driving center thickener, deep cone thickener, titled plate thickener and washing thickener. Here is the working principle of rake thickener.


The rake thickener consists of circular thickening tank, central column, feed pipe, a steady flow tube, and rake frame. Under the action of gravity, the flocculated solid particles gradually settled to the bottom of the thickening tank. After a period of time, the clear water remains the top of the thank, while the sludge stays on the bottom. Under the action of the sludge scraper, the sludge gathered at the discharge port at the center of the thickening tank, and the clear water overflows from the top edge of the tank.

The rake frame of this thickener is made of a rake arm and a scraper. The rake arm is a rectangular truss structure with variable cross section. It drives the scraper to move, which is subject to the moment caused by horizontal scrapping resistance, the gravity of the rake arm and scraper. The scrapers mainly include thetitled plate type and the curve type two kinds, which can separate the sludge from the bottom of thickening tank. The purpose of this process is to squeeze out part of the moisture in the sludge, thus increasing the concentration of the sludge discharge. The scraper can produce a component force pointing to the center of the thickening tank, thus allowing the sludge to flow towards the discharge port.

Xinhai rake thickener is a new type of dewatering equipment with sludge filtration, which achieves consistent critical acclaim in the practical production.