How to create a new world for traditional manufacturing industry, in Internet Era?

2018-08-23 XinHai Views (1102)

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July 13th, 2018, the 17th China Internet Conference for three days dropped the curtain in Beijing. This activity has hold 25 forums about One Belt One Road, Blockchain, Internet Financial Security, Industrial Internet and many other hot points. During this conference, the government, scientific research institutions, experts and scholars in Internet area, and enterprises have talk freely about the future direction and path of development and inherit of the Internet.

Since the conception of Internet Plus was put forward in 2012, it has been focused by all sectors of society. And in 2016, it was selected in Ten New Word and Ten Catchword of Report on China Language Life(2016). Internet Plus isn’t simply ‘Internet plus Industry’. It is a new financial form which beneath a new life to traditional industry depending on the Internet. Moreover, China is a manufacturing power in the world. Manufacture,as the national pillar industry, need to be ready for the new era faster than other industries. Informatization, high-efficiency and convenience are the unique advantages of the Internet. The concerning problem of every traditional industry is how to use these advantages properly. Many Chinese enterprises thought that marketing and selling products on the Internet is enfo eService. However, it is wrong. The tool of the Internet needs to be mixed with the core of industry, reforming the organization frame, group and operation. It’s definitely wrong to take the successful mode blindly from others, but to reform it for each single enterprise.

Shandong Xinhai Mining Group was founded in 1997, mainly providing mining processing EPC, concentrating research and design, manufacturing, equipment procurement, management service, mining operation in a whole. In 2012, Xinhai began to put hands on transforming and updating. Depending on the unique features of the Internet, Xinhai have carried on a system of adaption, updating from traditional manufacturing industry into Internet service. It takes the lead of using the mode ‘Internet plus Industry’, organizing its own group, opening the overseas market. And it takes the lead of accessing to the global big data, establishing multi-language enterprise website. It uses technology revolution pushing the updating of the enterprise, and has got great grades on Facebook, Google, Twitter and other marketing channel. Xinhai has over 1,000,000 fans on Facebook, and becoming the global classic marketing cases in 2017.

‘Not copying, not following, not idle theorizing’ are three rules Xinhai carried on in the practice of cross-border electronic commerce. Having tried mang B2B network platforms and marketing plans, Xinhai have found its own best overseas marketing mode.

In the ordinary state that manufacturing industries are common sag, Xinhai goes upstream by the internet, opening up new overseas market with electronic commerce. Now Xinhai has provided services in over 90 countries and districtions all over the world, completing over 500 projects, and setting overseas office in multiple countries. This makes Xinhai‘s income having grown by three times, and turn into the leader of the industry.

After practicing for many years, Xinhai have summarized two point of success: First, accurate marketing. Mining equipment manufacturing and service customers are separated. The rage of target customers is ruled. It needs to market for specific customer who have requirement. Second, combining online and offline. It is not proper to indulge offline market for the expansion of online marketing, because the online marketing is also supporting the offline marketing. The two side should be concerned together. At the same expanding the scale of electronic business, the offline update should be improved.

As for employee of enterprise, Xinhai have adjusted itself for Internet Plus. It has improved talent introduction, not only promoting the percent of professional technics for technology revolution and advantage, but also introducing talents for electronic business, establishing the electronic business center, which makes the division of labor more refining and higher work efficiency. So that production efficiency get improved ,and the costs going down.

Xinhai have been fruitful on the way of Internet Plus, successfully turn into professional mineral processing EPC provider from traditional mineral manufacturing enterprise. Now Xinhai have carried on over 90% projects overseas, and over 90% orders from electronic business center. In the future, Xinhai would catch up with the era, braving the wind and the waves in the ocean of the internet.

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