Xinhai: The Media Focused on Xinhai's Growth

Xinhai: The Media Focused on Xinhai's Growth

2017-08-09 XinHai Views (1226)

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During the past month, there was a lot of great news happened in Xinhai. For example, the chairman Mr. Zhang Yunlong was elected as the Shandong Outstanding CIO, Industry Contribution Star of Sina Finance, and was also awarded the AusIMM Academician Certificate, which attracted the attention of the industry colleagues. Behind the important news, they were not only the recognition of Mr. Zhang Yunlong's personal achievements, but also the true portrayal of Xinhai booming development.Let's see the memorable news:
1. The chairman Mr. Zhang Yunlong was elected as the Shandong Outstanding CIO
On July 18, Shandong CIO League showed the list of the "Shandong Outstanding CIO", and Xinhai Chairman Zhang Yunlong was elected as one of them.Shandong Outstanding CIO is held once a year. This selection is carried out by the Shandong CIO League with the guidance of the Shandong Commission of Economy and Information Technology. There were 50 CIOs or information technology executives who were responsible for information construction and management in governments, enterprises and institutions. Xinhai Chairman Mr. Zhang Yunlong was selected. The recognition was mainly aimed at promoting the further integration and innovation development of information technology and manufacturing industry, training the key talents to support the transformation and upgrading of Shandong industrial enterprises.
2. Mr. Zhang Yunlong was elected as the "Best Chairman of New Third Board" and "Industry Contribution Star"
Mr. Zhang Yunlong
Zhang Yunlong, the chairman of Xinhai, was awarded the "Industry Contribution Star" in the selection of "Best Chairman of New Third Board" that held by Sina Finance.Winning Reason——Facing the sluggish world economy, gloomy mining market, the mineral processing equipment manufacturing industry was caught in a dilemma. Under the leading of Zhang Yunlong, Xinhai not only finished the transformation from "mineral processing equipment manufacturer" to "mineral processing EPC service provider", but also expanded the overseas market by relying on the Internet. The branch offices in Africa, Southeast Asia, Central North Asia, Latin America and other regions helped Xinhai become a mineral processing service enterprise who had regional influence.
3. The Media Focused on Xinhai Transformation
Focus on Xinhai Transformation
Since the successful transformation and upgrading, the media in related industries have paid much attention to Xinhai:

Through the in-depth analysis of the present situation and its advantages, Xinhai optimized its industrial structure, adopted the Internet to achieve the innovation in business mode, management mode and technology ways, and initially completed the enterprise transformation, who has developed the ability that forms the service industry with brand advantages.


Xinhai can provide a series of mineral processing EPC services for the global mining enterprise from the design, research to construction and operation, including mining research and technology consulting, design, mechanical manufacturing, equipment procurement, installation and debugging, mineral operation, material purchasing management, resource integration, etc.


Shandong Xinhai established a complete set of innovation mechanism. From a single mechanical equipment manufacturer to the mineral processing EPC service provider, the proportion of Xinhai manufacturing workers decreased from 56% to 39% now. Through the technological innovation, Xinhai has become the top company that possessed the largest number of national inventions and utility model patents in the domestic mineral processing industry. Besides, the number of inquiries has increased by more than 200% in three years through the innovation of marketing mode.


4. The chairman Mr. Zhang Yunlong was elected as the AusIMM Academician Certificate
the AusIMM Academician Certificate
Recently, the chairman of Xinhai, Mr. Zhang Yunlong, was awarded as AusIMM Academician Certificate of The Australasian Institute of Mining and Metallurgy, became one of AusIMM academician members of domestic, and he also earned the international recognized signing authority of the mining technology public report.It was significant for Xinhai that Mr. Zhang Yunlong became the AusIMM academician: the acquisition of "signing authority of international mining technology public report "earned the key strategic development opportunities for Xinhai, and won an honor for the overseas business negotiation.
5. Xinhai was invited to Yantai Manufacturing + Internet Integration Forum
Yantai Manufacturing + Internet Integration Forum
On June 30, Xinhai has invited to Yantai Manufacturing + Internet Integration Forum, and successfully selected as the first batch of member in the opening ceremony of China Industrial Big Data Yantai Industry Alliance.In the roundtable conversation of this forum, Xinhai had a brilliant dialogue with Ali, Baidu, MJ, LUCCVAR, and carried on the deep discussion on how to realize the steady and rapid transformation of Yantai manufacturing industry and encourage the upgrading of Yantai manufacturing industry.Although Xinhai has achieved remarkable results in manufacturing servitization, marketing interconnection, market internationalization, Xinhai never stop its innovation and exploration. Except for the mode innovation, Xinhai will put more energy on the innovation of technology, products, and services by relying on its own technical strength and large data advantage, strive to occupy a place in the next generation of the international mineral processing technology competition and keep standing in the forefront of the industrial transformation and development.

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