Best Rod Mill Manufacture and Product Introduction

Best Rod Mill Manufacture and Product Introduction

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Which manufacturer has the best rod mill? Studies show that Xinhai machinery is a manufacture of rod mill with a long history. Its rod mill has advantages of good quality and high efficiency. Xinhai rod mill has two types, wet and dry. It is selected according to reality. Xinhai combines advanced and controlled feeding and discharging technology with practical grinding materials, and uses a suitable grinding body to change the traditional surface contact into line contact. It has average product particles and high yield, which is widely applied in refractory, chemical industry, metallurgy, and glass industries, who has higher demand of after-grinding production particle size.

Which manufacturer has the best rod mill? Xinhai machinery is a rod mill manufacture with long history. Its rod mills working principle is the cylinder is forced to rotate, droved by a motor reducer and lower speed of the surrounding big gear or by the lower speed synchronous motor, which is directly affected by reducing the speed of surrounding big gear. Steel rod grinding medium is in the cylinder. With the together force of centrifugal force and friction, grinding medium is raised to a certain height, and then falls down on thrown or diarrhea drop state. Row minerals are transported continuously on feeding port and are ground by grinding medium. Then row minerals are discharged with the pressure of overflow and continuous feeding. After that, they enter into the next process.

When rod mill is adopted, product’s particle size from 0.5mm to 20mm takes up 80%. The final partial size reach is between 0.4mmand 4.7mm. When 80% feeding mineral’s particle size is 20mm to 4mm, the biggest feeding particle size could reach to 50mm. According to the material of rod mill, the longest rod mill is no more than 6.1m. If the length is longer than 6.1m, chaos stick will happen. Therefore, the biggest specification of rod mill is 4.6*6.3. When raw minerals are transported to rod mill, the feeding part is coarse particles, and the discharging part is fine particles. So during the operation, sticks are not in the balanced state, but in the tilt state. This is also one reason for limiting the rod’s length. A crushing ratio of rod mill is 15:1 to 20:1. In overseas, the common crushing and grinding process is a crusher, rod mill, and ball mill. But in domestic, there are fewer rod mills used in beneficiation plant. The feeding particle size of ball mill is coarser, so there is higher consumption of energy, grinding medium, and liner. Rods of rod mill is line contact. Therefore, the coarser mineral is firstly ground, having the feature of selective grinding. Rod mill has the features of narrower particle size range, average final particle size, lighter phenomenon of over crushing, and higher grinding efficiency.

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