Introduction of Rod Mill Machine - - Part one

Introduction of Rod Mill Machine - - Part one

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As the common material grinding equipment, rod mill machine mainly consists of a shell with the acceptable proportion of diameter and length, driven by transmission machinery. After feeding on the feeding end, the material finishes self-grinding and is impacted by steel rods and ores in the shell, thus achieving grinding purpose. At the meantime, the pressure caused by the continuous feeding make the inner material move towards the discharging end and finally, the grinding process finished.

According to the discharging way, rod mill is divided into the overflow and peripheral discharging type. The structure of the widely-used rod mill machine is nearly the same as that of overflow ball mill, but some differences exist. First, the specifications of the neck of the hollow shaft in the discharging end of rod mill machine are much bigger than those of ball mill, which is convenient to fix and meantime lower the slurry level to raise the discharging speed. Second, using steel rods as grinding media reduce the overriding degree of materials. With unsmooth liners lay on the inner rod mill machine and smooth liners on the end cover that has

small radius, disorder rod phenomenon is greatly curbed on the premise of ensuring the shell has enough lifting force to the steel rods.

The steel rods in rod mill machines are in line contact, so coarser particles between two rods first receive crushing, which has a certain protective outcome to finer particles. Besides, when inner liners lift steel rods, the fine particles between rods leak out from rod gaps, making coarse particles get intensively the impacts and crushing caused by the falling steel rods. This kind of protection to fine particles and selective crushing outcome to coarse particles can achieve grinding products with even particles by rod mill machines with light overgrinding level, thus adopting open-circuit working.

Introduction of Rod Mill Machine- -Part two

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