Summarize of Rod Mill Theory

Summarize of Rod Mill Theory

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Almost the rod mill are using are all overflow rod mill. And open mouth rod mill has been stop being made, only exist in few old plant. It is very important to research the theory of rod mill to improve the capacity and grinding effect.

Rod mill is made up by feed part, discharge part, shell, steel rod, liner, driven unit, motor and bearings. The working theory of rod mill is that shell is driven by driven unit and motor. The rods in shell is driven as well and be lifted up, and down but the gravity and other power, then the material into the shell be ground. At the discharge part of mill, impeller is installed, the fine grain material is discharged out of the shell. And the coarse grain is returned to shell be ground.

Steel rod is a medium of wet rod mill grinding, plays a decisive role on the grinding effect of rod mill. Therefore, research on the principle of rod mill steel grinding movement and grinding principle is especially important. The steel rod can crush and grin material in the process of rising and decline. The two parallel steel bar rolling relatively, which can be sandwiched between the mineral aggregate minced and grinding, like broken of roller machine. As a result, the whole bar charge like several of the roller machine. Good crushing effect “line” is broken, it will first broken clamp in rod between thick blocks, and for their fine-grained protection. Therefore, rod milling machine has the selective crushing of coarse and fine-grained defense selective grinding effect. Because of this, rod mill product granularity is relatively uniform, and crushing is lighter. It is important to note that in order to prevent the steel bar and disorderly throw fall movement phenomenon, rod millwork speed should be lower, general control in the 60 ~ 70%.

Xinhai a professional ore processing equipment manufacturer. Our staff research the theory of rod mill carefully and absorb the advanced the technology, so that make the rod mill owns the characters that good grinding effect, wide applicable scope, wear resistance, long service life, low energy consumption. At present, our products have been used in plant widely and win good praise. If you are interested in our rod mill, you should contact us.

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