Working Principles of the Central Transmission Thickener

Working Principles of the Central Transmission Thickener

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Thickener is widely used in dressing plant,  sewage disposal plant and other relevant departments about the dehydration and  enrichment work, according to the transmission methods it can be divided into  central transmission thickener and the peripheral transmission thickener. Thickener  working principle is as follows.

Central transmission thickener is mainly  composed of enrichment pool, rake, and transmission device, rake lifting  device, feeding device, discharge device and the safety signal devices. The  bottom of the thickener is designed to be the cone, the solid particles of the  pulp will become the big flocculent-shape group under the action of the flocculent.  These flocculent-shape groups combined with ore particles and the flocculent  agents will sink to the bottom because of their own gravity. And will be  scraped to the discharge mouth by the scraper continuously and then are transported  for the next work by the pump. The upper clear water flows to the overflow tank  to be reused.

There is a vertical shaft in the center of  the central transmission thickener, and a rake is fixed on the lower end of the  vertical shaft. There is a certain angle between the rake and the horizontal  plane, typically 8 ° ~ 15 °. The vertical shaft is driven by a motor fixed on  the truss, which is spurred by cylindrical gear reducer, the intermediate gear  and turbine gear reducer. The central transmission thickener has a rake lifting  device. When the torque of the rake is too large, it can be lifted manually or  electrically. Reducing the rake suffered torque by reducing the thickness of  the sludge to prevent damages of the transmission device and the scraper  device.

There is still a certain gap with foreign  central transmission thickener in specifications and qualities. Our central  transmission thickeners are small scale, generally no more thanφ100.