Basic Principles of Xinhai Hydraulic Center Transmission Thickener

Basic Principles of Xinhai Hydraulic Center Transmission Thickener

2015-12-14 XinHai Views (975)

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Thickener is widely used in mineral processing plants, sewage treatment sector, metallurgy and other industries for dewatering commonly. The conventional thickener can be divided into peripheral rack transmission thickener and center transmission thickener according to different transmission modes. But gravity settling thickener has the weakness of large cover and big size. So many manufacturers have done lots of improvements to change the structures of thickener and produce high-efficiency thickener. Xinhai hydraulic center transmission thickener, as a typical example, the basic thickener principle is as follows.

From the above chart, the Xinhai hydraulic center transmission thickener is composed of the transmission device, bridge-type rake, dosing devices, feeding tube, fixed tube, cloth tube, blade, shaft, long rake, short rake, boom, electric control device, hydraulic station, maintenance hangers and other components. It has the same basic thickener principle with the conventional thickener. Under the action of the flocculent, the suspended particles are formed clusters and when these clusters become large enough, they will settle down due to their own gravity. In the bottom of the central vertical axis is provided with a cross-shaped rake, and the rake is the scraper. The tank is of a cone-shape, which facilitates to scrape and discharge the slime during the operation. The clear water flows to the overflow tank. With the core of hydraulic automatic pressure sensor signal PLC to complete automatic rake-lift, the operation becomes simple and flexible.

Although the hydraulic center transmission thickener has the same basic thickener principle with the conventional thickener, the simple inner instruction, easy hydraulic system, electric control system, well adjustment of an oil pump, suitable rake rotation rates will lead the thickener to a good operating state.