Miniature Thickener Manufactures

Miniature Thickener Manufactures

2015-12-10 XinHai Views (1416)

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Based on the material nature, pulp capacity and product density, we choose the thickener specifications. For small dressing plant, the pulp capacity is low and it can use a miniature thickener. So do you know the miniature thickener manufactures? And which one is the best?

The small thickener manufactures  represented by Xinhai Mining Machinery Co., Ltd in China has: Shenyang Mining Machinery Group., Ltd, Shandong Shankuang Machinery Co., Ltd, Liaoning Liaozhong Heavy Machinery Co., Ltd, Henan  Province Qunying Mining Machinery Manufacturer Co.,Ltd, Huai Mine West Mine Investment Management Co., Ltd, Huaibei Zhongfen Mine Machinery Co., Ltd, Zhulin Huizhu Mine Machinery Co., Ltd, Zhengzhou Dingli Drying Equipment Co., Ltd, Gannan Mine Co., Ltd. When choosing small thickener, the mine dressing plant at home or abroad prefer small thickener manufactured by Xinhai Mining Machinery Co., Ltd.

Xinhai Mining Machinery Co., Ltd has various model and specifications small thickener, its smallest updated high-efficiency thickener model is: NZSG-2.5, high-efficiency thickener smallest model is: GX-3.6, center transmission thickener smallest model is:NZS1,peripheral roller transmission thickener smallest model is: NG15, peripheral rack transmission thickener smallest model is: NT15, high-efficiency deep-cone thickener smallest model is GSNC-3, hydraulic pressure center transmission high-efficiency thickener smallest model is: NZY-6, vibration inclined -plate high-efficiency thickener smallest model is: ZQN16. Xinhai Mining Machinery Co., Ltd also manufacture other types small thickener according to customers’ requirement. Xinhai has various model and specifications small thickener and can provide variety choice for all kinds of mine.

Xinhai Mining Machinery Co., Ltd focus on manufacturing small thickener for two decades, it has completed model and specifications and 100% quality assurance.