Operation Principle of Wet Long-Cylinder Ball Mill

Operation Principle of Wet Long-Cylinder Ball Mill

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Just like common ball mill, the main component of wet long-cylinder ball mill is a cylinder with diameter and length at a reasonable proportion. There are some big gear ring on the surface of a cylinder, the cylinder is driven by the pinion which meshes with big gear ring. There is wear-resistant liner in the cylinder of ball mill, the lining can reduce wear of materials and steel to the cylinder while also can affect the movement of the steel ball. Then I will introduce operation principle of wet long-cylinder ball mill, make the wet long-cylinder ball mill of Xinhai Mining Group as an example.

Just like the picture, the aspect ratio is much larger than the conventional ball mill, the inside of the cylinder is divided into two to four different lengths and functional positions. Within each grinding compartment is configured with a certain size of steel balls, The cylinder liner can upgrade the steel balls to a certain height, to use the impact of the ball downward movement to broke the material. Generally, in accordance with the different speeds of ball mill, there are two modes of action: impact and grind. When the speed is large, the main action is acting and it is suitable for kibble. When the speed of cylinder is slow, the main action is a grind, and it’s suitable for fineness. In the wet long-cylinder ball mill, every position is separated by grid plate, and the fineness of the grinding material will go into next position. The fineness material after crushing process will be discharged from the exhaust end. The difference from conventional ball mill is the size of steel balls are different in every position. Usually the closer to the exhaust end, the smaller of the steel balls??? diameter, which improves the grinding efficiency and improves the product ground.

The operation principle of wet long-cylinder ball mill is same like common ball mills, it can grind several of materials.

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