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Ball Mill Manufacturers Product Ball Mill Equipment

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Ball mill is the most widely used grinding equipment at home and abroad. Among them, grid ball mill and overflow ball mill are the most commonly used in the mineral processing industry and other industrial sectors. Therefore, almost all the ball mill manufacturer product grid ball mill and overflow ball mill.

Ball mill manufacturers generally produce various models of grid ball mill. Grid ball mill is made of a shell, feeding part, discharging part, main bearing, transmission system, etc. the feeding part contains a head cover, trunnion, and feeder; the discharging part contains grid plate, head cover and discharging trunnion. Wet grid ball mill feeding part has lower slurry surface than discharging trunnion, so wet grid ball mill belongs to low-level of discharge which can timely discharge fine grinding material particles and reduce over-grinding.

Ball mill manufacturers in general product various specifications of the overflow ball mill. It has a basic same structure with grid ball mill and the difference is the structure of discharging part. The discharging end of the overflow ball mill is without discharging grid plate and fan room, only the diameter of the trunnion is significantly bigger than the feeding, which makes the difference of slurry surface between the feeding part and the discharging part. Fine grinding particles and slurry overflow out from the mill with gravity. To prevent small ball and coarse particle overflow with pulp, there is a helical blade in the discharging trunnion which has opposite rotating direction, and fine particles suspended in the slurry and overflow above the helical blade. Coarse particles and small steel balls sink between the helical blades and are back to the mill by reverse rotation helical blade.

As a domestic and foreign well-known ball mill manufacturer, Xinhai product all various models of grid ball mill and overflow ball mill. And in the production of ordinary type ball mill, it produces various types of wet energy saving grid ball mill, wet energy saving overflow ball mill, cone grid ball mill, cone overflow ball mill. Its ball mill has advantages of long service life, high efficiency, low energy consumption and steel consumption, etc. it is the best choice for many new and old ore dressing plants.

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