Large-scale Ball Mills Manufacturers

Large-scale Ball Mills Manufacturers

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There are multiple ball mills manufacturers in China. However, domestic customers demands vary in ball mills sizes and specs; and prices of ball mills with various specifications differ a great deal. Therefore, it is hard for Chinese dressing plants to achieve the standard of using less unit series and larger-scale production. Accordingly, most of them always prefer small ball mills and combine them together as the main operating type. Such facts lead directly to the hot market of small mills but a sick market for massive mills at home, which inevitably hinders the upsizing process of domestic concentrate plants. It can be seen through the phenomenon that China has just a few companies that can manufacture large-scale ball mills with good quality and performance. On the contrast, foreign dressing plants majorly adopt bigger ball mills and their automatic degree is also superior to Chinese like products. That is why foreign countries have lots of large-scale ball mills manufacturers and they have more advanced technology in production, application, and commissioning than domestic suppliers.

In China, the following enterprises are regarded as large-scale ball mills manufacturers, including China Nonferrous Metal Industry Foreign Engineering And Construction Co., Ltd (NFC), China First Heavy Industries and CITIC Heavy Industries Co., Ltd. Besides, As to CITIC Heavy Industries Co., Ltd, its ball mills are mainly big-scale overflow type and grid type. The principle axis uses hybrid bearings with hydrodynamic lubrication and static pressure flotation function. Their mills have an advanced and reasonable structure with safe reliability and high efficiency. And the gears can be installed on the left or right side. What’s more, if customers want, it can design and make all kinds of grid ball mills and overflow ball mills in accordance with their requirement. Yantai Xinhai Mining Machinery Co., Ltd also provides many ball mills with multiple models and specifications, from the smallest to the largest. It’s a good choice to choose Xinhai because Xinhai will offer the equipment and program that suits customers the most to guarantee their best interest.

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