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Large ball mill is an irreplaceable equipment of breaking materials, and it plays an important role in grinding ore. At home and abroad, due to the development of the era, science, and technology, the mill equipment’s development is toward to the direction of large-scale, automation and high efficiency. Although there are many dressing plants domestic, they like the advanced technology. And they are mainly the miniaturized equipment. Many new domestic plants have implied the large equipment basically, but there is still a large gap with the abroad. For example, in Tangshan Sijiaying iron ore dressing plant, they use the domestic most advanced overflow type ball mill, the equipment specification also belongs to the forefront of the domestic large-scale equipment products.

large ball mill

The technique of foreign large ball mill manufacturers is much advanced than the domestic one. But in China, many manufacturers are continuous improve equipment to make the equipment more large-scale, energy conservation and automation. For example the Citic heavy industry machinery Co, Ltd. China nonferrous metallurgical machinery Co, Ltd. (Shenyang), and Liaoyuan heavy machinery group Co, Ltd. Liaoyuan heavy machinery group Co, Ltd. are mainly produce the small equipment, but the rest is famous for its large ball mill. Such as Citic heavy industry machinery Co, Ltd.’s grid type ball mill, the diameter is 5.2 m and length is 6.4 m. They used the pneumatic clutch, static pressure bearing, spray lubrication and wear resistant lining board and other advanced technology products to the production of ball mill. Ball mill is driven by motor and speed reducer, there are four configuration modes: inside right-handed, outside right-handed, inside left-handed, and outside left-handed. Rotating direction of the ball mill is judged from the feeding direction. Ball mill clockwise is for a right-handed and counterclockwise is for left-handed. Xinhai mill is advanced large ball mill manufacturers at home and abroad. Xinhai has a lot of experience in the production of various specifications of ball mill and various kinds of mining machinery and has a great deal of experience in scientific research, foreign trade, design, maintenance, and sales. Xinhai will give you the best quality and the cheapest price of ore machine.

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