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Price of Large Steel Slag Ball Mill

2015-10-18 XinHai Views (1193)

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Steel slag is produced after the concentrated iron being smelted, and it has relatively low Iron content. Because of its iron content, it also has the value of recycling. The output of water quenching steel slag in a blast furnace is big and it can be recycled through many ways. However, steel slag will need crushing and grinding because that slag has a large size and massive shape which is difficult to be used directly. Under these conditions, the use of large steel slag ball mill can make steel slag to be used in high efficiency. Large-scale equipment is the development trend of mineral processing plant, the new large mineral processing plants in recent years are based on large-scale equipment, equipped with the advanced control system, to achieve large-scale, intelligent modern mine.

Large steel slag ball mill refers to ball mill that can grind large capacity of steel slag and has a large size. The structures of large steel slag ball mill and the ordinary ball mill are same. It is composed of a shell, liner, feeder, discharge, trunnion, bearing, drive device and lubrication device. Because of the high hardness and brittleness of steel slag, the grain size of the steel slag is high, and some parameters are required to be adjusted when choosing ball mill. For example, the size and proportion of ball mill grinding medium, the amount of ore and filling rate, etc.. The price of steel slag ball mill has a direct relationship with the model specification, and the price of large steel slag ball mill is high, and the medium and small ones are relatively lower. Large steel slag ball mill can effectively reduce the cost of grinding. Xinhai operates various types of ball mill, and provide you the most suitable design actual situation, the lowest operating cost beneficiation process, the most economic grinding machine which is the most suitable for ore properties.

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