Quartz Sand Beneficiation

Quartz Sand Beneficiation and Purification Process and Equipment for Associated Pyrite

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Glass production usually contains quartz sand (silica sand), feldspar, dolomite, limestone, soda ash, Glauber's salt, carbon powder, etc. These raw materials are configured in a certain proportion and made into glass through technical means, but the main ingredients in the production process are Mainly silicon dioxide (SiO2), accounting for 69% to 73%, and silicon dioxide is mainly derived from quartz sand minerals. This article takes a certain quartz sand containing pyrite as an example to introduce the quartz sand purification process.

01Properties of quartz sand ore associated with pyrite

quartz sand ore sample

The ore is a siliceous medium-grained quartz sandstone. The raw ore is mainly composed of quartz, accounting for more than 95%. The particle size range is 0.154~0.6mm (28 mesh~100 mesh). It also contains small or trace amounts of other impurity minerals, mainly yellow. Iron ore etc. Pyrite and clay minerals have a greater impact on the quality of ores. They are scattered randomly between quartz particles as intergranular interstitial materials. The Fe2O3 content is 0.28%. They are mainly derived from pyrite and partly from clay minerals. .

02Purification process of associated pyrite quartz sand

Based on the analysis of the properties of the above-mentioned quartz sand ore, the purification process flow of crushing and screening-grinding and classification-scrubbing-magnetic separation-gravity selection was finally designed.

Quartz sand crushing process: Jaw crusher and screening equipment are used to process the raw ore so that the material is below 5mm, and the materials under the screen are mixed evenly and prepared into raw materials that meet the purification requirements.

quartz sand grinding equipment

Quartz sand grinding process: The quartz sand grinding process uses a section of closed-circuit grinding. The loading capacity of the ball mill is 4.12kg, and the fixed grinding time is 2 minutes. In addition, in order to reduce the -0.125mm particle size content in the grinding product, The classification uses a hydraulic classifier to classify the grinding products.

Quartz sand scrubbing process: In order to remove the cement on the surface of quartz particles and further reduce the content of Fe2O3 and Al2O3 in the sample, scrubbing operation is required. The scrubbing operation uses the rotation of the impeller to drive the rotation of the slurry under a higher slurry concentration. As a result, impact and friction occur between sand particles, thereby achieving the purpose of removing cement on the surface of quartz particles.

scrubbing machine for quartz sand

Quartz sand magnetic separation process: Magnetic separation is carried out in the magnetic field of magnetic separation equipment. After the selected ore is fed into the separation space of the magnetic separation equipment, it is affected by magnetic force and mechanical force (including gravity, centrifugal force, water flow power, etc.). Mineral particles with different magnetic properties are affected by different magnetic forces and move along different paths. Since the movement paths of the mineral particles are different, magnetic products and non-magnetic products can be obtained when picked up separately.

Quartz sand gravity separation process: The different specific gravity of minerals is used to separate the mineral particles according to the different specific gravity during movement under the action of gravity centrifugal force, so as to achieve the purpose of sorting heavy minerals. The main purpose of using the gravity separation process in this link is to reduce the Fe2O3 and heavy mineral content in the minerals, and two gravity separation processes are used.

03Associated pyrite quartz sand purification equipment

Quartz sand crushing equipment: PE-150×250, PEX-100×125 jaw crusher and Φ250×150 roller crusher are used.

Quartz sand grinding and classifying equipment: The ore grinding uses a Φ240×200 rod mill and a Φ50mm hydraulic classifier.

Quartz sand scrubbing equipment: XFD12, 1.5L spiral scrubbing machine is used.

Quartz sand magnetic separation equipment: SSS-I type periodic high gradient magnetic separator is used.

spiral chute used in quartz sand production line

Quartz sand gravity separation equipment: using Φ600mm spiral chute.

The above is an introduction to the quartz sand beneficiation and purification process and equipment containing associated pyrite. The design of this purification process is not only simple in process, convenient in labor, easy to master, but also highly practical, with good purification effect and large recovery of minerals. Useful minerals in. In the actual quartz sand purification process, the selection of the process is particularly important and needs to be determined according to the different properties of the quartz sand ore. Therefore, it is recommended to conduct an ore dressing test analysis first, and then design a suitable quartz sand purification process and a complete set of quartz sand purification processes based on the ore properties. Quartz sand purification equipment to obtain the ideal return on investment.