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Factors Affecting the Copper Mining Process

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Similar to other mineral processing solutions, there are many factors that affect the copper mining processing. Only recognizing these factors in copper mining processing designing can we improve the economic benefits of the copper mining plant.

Particle size is an important parameter of influencing the result of copper mining processing. In the copper ore mining processing designing, the fineness of the copper ore is determined by the copper mining equipment. At the same time, the over fine particle size will lead to the increase in the ore grinding energy consumption and marginalization. Those all affect the copper mining flotation indexes. In selecting copper mining reagent, the copper ore with coarse and fine sizes should adopt the proper flotation reagent. The reagent system refers to the flotation reagent kinds, dosage, the adding order, location, way(one time or separately add), the compound method and the working time.

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It is an important operating index in the copper mining process, which has a significant effect on the flotation indexes. Pulp density is the solid content of the pulp. Usually, it refers to the mass rate of solid and liquid in the pulp. Pulp density has a great influence on the concentrate recovery rate, concentrate grade and the reagent dosage. The froth flotation is the separation between the liquid and gas surface, so the froth has a great function. The physical and physical-chemical factors, like the froth stability, the thickness, the structure, the way of producing froth can all affect the flotation indexes.

There are many factors to affect the copper ore mining processing result, like the pulp temperature, PH, the water rigidity, the slurry content, the inflating volume and the agitation intensity. In the designing of the copper ore flotation process, it must decide the indexes according to the copper mining experiment.

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