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6 Kinds of Limonite Ore Beneficiation Process Methods

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Limonite is a kind of iron ore with poor selectivity. Its density and magnetism are not as good as those of iron minerals such as magnetite and hematite. It is easy to muddy and has poor selection index. The traditional beneficiation process methods of limonite mainly include ore washing-gravity separation, strong magnetic separation and magnetization roasting magnetic separation. With the continuous improvement of iron ore demand and quality requirements and the advancement of mineral processing technology, limonite mineral processing has gradually received attention and application. At present, the commonly used mineral separation processes for limonite mainly include: single gravity separation process, single magnetic separation process, single flotation process, roasting-weak magnetic separation process, flotation-magnetic separation process and gravity separation-magnetic separation process. The following will focus on These mineral beneficiation process methods introduce to you limonite processing.


(gravity separation machine)

01Limonite single gravity beneficiation process

Gravity separation, as one of the important separation methods of limonite, is mainly used to process coarse-grained ore. The gravity beneficiation process has low cost, simple operation and maintenance, low power consumption, and no need to consume chemicals. Commonly used gravity separation methods for coarse-grained ores mainly include washing, jigging and heavy media separation. For fine-grained ores, gravity separation methods such as spiral beneficiation and shaking tables can be used.

02Limonite single magnetic beneficiation process

Strong magnetic separation, as a commonly used beneficiation process method for limonite, has the advantages of simple process, convenient management, and strong adaptability. There are two main types of magnetic separation processes: dry magnetic separation and wet magnetic separation. Wet magnetic separation can be suitable for recovering coarse and medium-grained limonite. For fine-grained limonite, a combined process of strong magnetism and then flotation can be carried out. In order to improve the recovery rate of fine-grained limonite, the flocculation-strong magnetic process can be adopted. After the slurry is fully dispersed, adding iron mineral flocculant can increase the particle size of fine iron minerals, and then carry out strong magnetic separation, so that fine iron minerals can be fully recovered and the concentrate recovery rate can be improved.


(flotation equipment)

03Limonite single flotation beneficiation process

Flotation can be divided into two types: direct flotation and reverse flotation. The positive flotation process is carried out under alkaline slurry conditions. Alkaline slurry can enhance the electronegativity of the quartz surface, which is not conducive to the combination of anion collector and quartz, thus preventing the quartz from floating. After the collector combines with the iron-containing minerals, the iron minerals will be captured into the foam. Reverse flotation leaves iron minerals in the flotation tank. Commonly used anion collectors include oleic acid, alkyl sulfonates and alkyl sulfates. Commonly used cation collectors include alkylamines and quaternary ammonium salts.

04Limonite magnetization roasting-magnetic beneficiation process

This process mainly consists of two parts: magnetization roasting and weak magnetic separation. Magnetization roasting is to add reducing agents such as carbon, water gas or coal to the ore, and then perform high-temperature treatment to reduce it to magnetite, which is beneficial to subsequent magnetic separation. Magnetization roasting can improve the iron grade of raw ore. However, when using this process, issues such as greater energy consumption and increased costs should be taken into consideration.


(Magnetic separation equipment)

05Limonite flotation-strong magnetic beneficiation process

This process is used to process low-grade refractory limonite. Among them, strong magnetic separation is used to sort coarse-grained minerals, and flotation is used to process fine-grained minerals. The combined mineral separation process of the two can complement each other and expand the range of particle size recovery. This process structure mainly includes two types: strong magnetic separation to obtain concentrate-magnetic tailings flotation and strong magnetic separation to discard tails-magnetic concentrate flotation.

06Limonite gravity separation-magnetic beneficiation process

This process mainly involves fine crushing or rod mill grinding of limonite raw ore, then washing, and then entering the screening machine for classification and desliming. The obtained coarse-grained minerals can be obtained after gravity separation. The medium-grained minerals are processed by magnetic separation using a roller-type strong magnetic separator. The fine-grained minerals and slime are obtained by using a high-gradient strong magnetic separator to obtain the concentrate. In order to improve the recovery rate of metal ore, the medium ore obtained by gravity separation can be regrinded and re-selected. Because iron minerals in fine fractions and sludge can be recovered, this process can effectively improve concentrate iron grade and recovery rate.


(flotation process)

The above is a brief introduction to limonite beneficiation process methods. Depending on the composition of limonite, different beneficiation methods can be selected. Xinhai Mining recommends conducting mineral processing test analysis in order to formulate reasonable limonite mineral processing methods and configure efficient mineral processing equipment. Appropriate mineral processing methods can improve the utilization rate of raw ore, the grade and recovery rate of concentrate, thereby improving the economic benefits of the dressing plant.

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