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Copper Processing Equipment Introduction

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Copper processing equipment includes flotation cells, agitators, and feeders. Flotation cells are the key copper ore processing equipment to achieve the selective adhesion of the particles and bubble as well as to carry out the separation and finish the copper flotation process. While the agitator and feeder are the auxiliary equipment of copper flotation process. Xinhai is a large copper processing company that give the conclusions below.

The flow of the slurry in the copper processing equipment in the process is: the slurry, given the flotation reagent by the feeder, is added into the agitator and stirred for a certain period of time to make the reagent disperse, dissolve and mix with the particles. Then the reagent interacts with the particles. The slurry after mixing will be given to the flotation cell of copper ore processing equipment to be stirred fully, the solid particles adhere to the bubbles and float to the surface of a slurry to form the foam layer. The product which is scraped out by the scraper is the hydrophobic product( or foam product). While the hydrophilic particles are retained in the flotation cell. Then it is discharged by the gate. That is the hydrophilic product. The index of the copper processing technology is closely related to the copper processing equipment and flotation reagent.

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