ntroduction of Copper Mining Process

ntroduction of Copper Mining Process

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Copper mining process is closely related to ore properties. In order to choose the best process of mining copper, the ore properties and types must be tested first.Xinhai has many copper mining process cases, which get high recovery rate of copper concentrate, since if you are looking for process of copper, just contact the online service, Xinhai can give you the best service of copper mining process.

For example, the Dexing copper mine in Jiangxi province, copper deposit is porphyry copper. By the different nature of the ore and ore bearing properties, it can be divided into altered phyllite and altered granodiorite. By different structure, they can be divided into two main types of veinlets and disseminated. In the upper and surrounding ore, there is a small amount of oxide ore and mixed ore, containing copper 0.5%, sulfur 2%, and molybdenum 0.01%. The content of gold is 0.235g/t. The composition of copper is relatively simple. The useful mining mainly contains pyrite, chalcopyrite, chalcocite, followed by chalcocite and bornite and sphalerite. Non-metallic minerals are mainly quartz, sericite, chlorite, epidote, and kaolin etc.

On the basis of this, process of mining copper is crushing, grinding and flotation. Crushing is closed-circuit with three stages and grinding is “ABC process that is to say the open circuit process of auto-grinding, ball grinding and fine crushing. Flotation adopts two roughing stages, two scavenging stages and one roughing to produce concentrate.

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