Separating the Magnetite Mining Pyrite by the Flotation Cell

Separating the Magnetite Mining Pyrite by the Flotation Cell

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Silicon rock type iron ore deposit has a wide range of distribution in China, with the useful minerals mainly magnetite among which the sulfur bearing mineral is dominated mainly by the magnetite pyrite and pyrite. The magnetite mining pyrite has strong magnetite and is weakly buoyant. In the magnetite mining separation process, most of the sulfur entering into the iron concentration, leading to lower product quality. Desulfurization by flotation separation is the most common method. The regime of agent and the medium condition is the key to desulfurize effectively.

In the ore selection process, magnetite is the major recovery of minerals. To ensure the quality of magnetite, the magnetite should be separated from the magnetite mining pyrite and pyrite. As the magnetite and the magnetite mining pyrite are all strongly magnetite mining minerals, it is easy to achieve separation in the week magnetite mining field. However, it is difficult to separate the magnetite and the magnetite mining pyrite. magnetite mining pyrite is the iron sulfide mineral with weaker floating property and it is easy to be suppressed, so appropriate adjusting agent is necessary to strengthen its flotation. In order to desulfurize and comprehensive recover sulfide effectively in the magnetite flotation process, it is necessary to combine the magnetite mining separation and the flotation separation. If we choose the magnetite mining separation process before the flotation separation, it is easy to make the strong magnetite mining pyrite enter into the magnetite mining products. If the sulfur content in the iron concentration is less than 0.3 percent and the sulfide ore can be recovered effectively at the same time, the magnetite mining separation concentration should be desulfured by flotation separation. But the floating property of the magnetite mining pyrite drops remarkably after the magnetite mining separation, so desulfidation is more difficult than before. The pyrite with weak magnetism enters into the magnetite mining separation tailings. If we want to recover the pyrite, dehydration of the magnetite mining separation tailings must be done before the flotation separation. Thus, the selection process will be more complex and the cost will rise accordingly. Therefore, it is more economical and reasonable to adopt flotation separation before magnetite mining separation.

The results of Xihai adopting the technological process of flotation separation to magnetite mining separation in the magnetite mining flotation process shows that it can recover the more sulfide ore and the sulfur content in the flotation tailings can be reduced by 0.3 percent. And the simple structure and easy operation of the process allows higher economic benefits.

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