Details of ball mill liner

Details of ball mill liner

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Ball mill liner is used to protect the ball mill cylinder from direct impact and friction of crusher balls and material. At the same time, different types of liners are used to adjust the motion of the balls so that they can enhance the crushing effect between the balls and the material, and improve the grinding efficiency to increase production, reduce consumption of metal.Due to the different motions of grinding body in various warehouses, different material is chosen according to specific situation. So far, ball mill liner commonly use the material of high-manganese steel plate, rubber plate, alloy plate, chrome plate, cast stone plate, etc. As below, we take a detailed introduction about these kinds of material.high-manganese steel plateā€”coarse grinding binAdvantages: high-manganese steel plate has a certain of tightness of impact resistance. When hit,its surface become cold hardening,hard and wear-resisting.The hardness can reach HB300-350, the impact value can reach 700Nm/cm2 .Disadvantages: Untimely it is easy to be out of shape for reverse convex bending. It snaps the retaining bolt, come off and reduce life span. according to the statistics, the life span is around 5000-6000h.High-manganese steel plate is commonly used in the first warehouse of ball mill,crushing warehouse, in which the material particle size is larger, the mental balls must be in a falling state with strong impact. Therefor, crushing warehouse liner must have a high ability of ascension and has strong tightness of impact resistance. High-manganese steel plate must be the best choice to meet the requirement.High-chromium cast iron liner, coarse grinding warehouseAdvantages: it has excellent abrasion resistance and high temperature formability, high hardness, small hardness gradient, high tempering stability and corrosion resistance.Disadvantages: Be poor in tightness of impact resistanceHigh-chromium cast iron liner is following the emergence of high-manganese steel plate, compared with other wear-resistant material, it has high hardness and excellent wear-resistant especially under the lighter load impact. But due to the higher molybdenum content, expensive price , the application is restricted. At present, many institutions are committed to improving  the composition ingredient of high-chromium cast iron in order to reduce the cost.So far, in the dressing plant, in addition to the above three mainstream plate, the ball mill liner adopts stone plate, cast stone plate, mixed plate, etc. But currently the market is still taking the high-manganese steel plate, rubber plate, the high-chromium cast iron plate as the main material. especially the high-manganese steel plate and rubber plate are developing rapidly in recent years. Wear-resisting rubber plate represented by Yantai Xinhai Mining Machinery also come to emerge in the market currently.

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