Series of articles about mining machinery manufacturers how to promote their development by services capture one

Series of articles about mining machinery manufacturers how to promote their development by services capture one

2015-06-05 XinHai Views (1262)

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Nowadays under the condition of market economy, great changes have taken place in the marketing environment of mining enterprises. For example: the widespread use of high-tech, the high-speed information flow, the convergence criteria of the mechanical hardware; a fair and orderly mining machinery market competition environment is gradually formed; the variety, quality and price of Mechanical product are roughly the same; profits have been low to the cost and so on. All these make the price competition reach the limitation. Therefore, in this competitive mining machinery industry, who can provide customers with quality service, who will be able to win customers and market.Here we will look at what Yantai Xinhai mining machinery co., LTD has done in providing services, and this article provides us the simple analysis about the advanced services.Xinhai company was founded in the 1990s, when the EPC service of China mining machinery industry was on the barren. The company put their eyes on the total package service at their beginning establishment, and its the first time the service launched in our country. It turns out that the introduction of a total package service in mining machinery industry is a very forward-looking idea. Now 20 years later, mining machinery manufacturers are throughout the country, and the produced mining machinery equipment can be said almost reach the same level. In this condition the customer care most often is not the product, they are willing to put more attention on the companys strength and whether they can provide higher quality and more convenient services. After nearly 20 years development, the strength of Xinhai is the peer leader, and no one can match with its 20 years experience in the total package service at home, even in abroad. Just because of the earlier and further on the way of total package service Xinhai company could win the trust of global manufacturers. Some mine owners realize the advantages of beneficiation total package service, and they are more willing to choose xinhai company to provide the total package service for their beneficiation plant. So here we can see the importance of an advanced service for an enterprise.Pleased to see that now a lot of domestic mining machinery manufacturers have been realized the problem, and they began to focus on providing better service to win customers. The development of the mining machinery industry will certainly be getting better and better.

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