Graphite Processing Equipment

What Are Graphite Processing Equipment and How to Choose It?

2016-04-21 XinHai Views (1371)

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Graphite is an excellent natural non-metallic mineral with good floatability and it is widely used in chemical, metallurgy, oil, automobile manufacturing and other industrial sectors. In the industry application, Graphite with larger flakes and higher purity will have wider application and high price. Therefore, in the process of graphite, protecting the graphite flakes and improve the impurity is key. As we all know, the graphite processing equipment has large effect on the graphite concentrate besides the Graphite beneficiation process. What are the graphite processing equipment and how to choose it?

At present, graphite beneficiation processes commonly adopts flotation process. Therefore, the graphite processing equipment mainly include crushing and screening equipment, grinding and separating equipment, flotation equipment and concentration and dewatering equipment and so on.

The crushing, screening and grinding of graphite are called graphite smashing. During the processing of the graphite, it is required that the graphite should be fully separated from the gangue minerals as well as the damage degree of the graphite scale should be mall. During the processing of the graphite, the damage degree on the graphite scale for the crushing and screening can be negligible. While, the damage degree on the graphite scale for the grinding machine is very important. Usually, in order to reduce the damage of the graphite scale, the process of "staged grinding and flotation" is adopted. The overflow ball mill in lead of grinding force is mainly used as the grinding machine and in the grinding process, the speed rate is usually low.

The flotation equipment of the graphite has an important effect to the graphite concentration grade and recovery. During the flotation process, the high speed rotation of the flotation mechanical stirring device has a certain degree on the graphite scale. Therefore, in premise of ensuring the quality of concentration, the string intensity of the flotation should be reduced. At present, to achieve the large scale production of the graphite, many ore dressing plants adopts flotation column to process the graphite. The flotation index and energy consumption index achieve the ideal result.  

The concentration and dewatering equipment for graphite is an important factor on the slurry concentration. In the grinding and beneficiation process of the graphite, the slurry concentration of the graphite should be adjusted. The concentration and dewatering equipment is for this. There are traditional thickener, deep cone thickener and tilted plate thickener. The effect of traditional thickener is poor. While the deep cone thickener and tilted plate thickener has better effect. Therefore, we should choose the concentration equipment by the practical need. The filter equipment of graphite is mainly the disc vacuum filter which covers small areas, has simple operation and good filter effect and large filter area.

Therefore, during the graphite ore dressing process, the slurry conveying equipment, caching ore bin, feeders and crane is necessary.

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