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Processing Test for Gold Deposits in Congo

The purpose was to determine the best technological process and possibility of the ore. The best technical indicators achieved provided a basis for the mine’s technical design and future production. The gold grade of the raw ore is 4.59g/t, and the silver grade is 1.8g/t. Only the gold element in the ore has the value of recycling, and the silver element can be comprehensively recycled; while the grades of copper, lead, zinc, sulfur, iron, and other elements are very low and do not have the value of recycling.

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Xinhai Solution

  • 01

    Considering that the raw ore contains particulate gold, the gravity separation was adopted to ensure the recovery of particulate gold. Gravity separation can obtain higher gold grade gravity separation concentrate, which can be smelted directly.

  • 02

    Gravity separation + flotation + flotation gold concentrate cyanide leaching process: the raw ore was ground to -200 mesh70.0%, after the gravity separation, the flotation gold concentrate was obtained by the gravity separation tailings through the flotation separation and recovered gold by the cyanide leaching operation. The gold concentrate was leached by cyanidation leaching operation with a leaching time of 48h, and the leaching rate of gold could reach more than 95%. The arsenic in the flotation gold concentrate was concentrated to 2%, which had less influence on the gold leaching from the flotation concentrate. However, the high content of flotation tailings affected the gold recovery.

  • 03

    Gravity separation + flotation separation +cyanide leaching process of flotation gold concentrate: the total gold recovery was 80.54%. Gravity separation + cyanide leaching process for gravity separation tailings: the raw ore is ground to -200 mesh 85.0%. After the gravity separation, the gravity separation tailings were directly cyanide leached. The slurry concentration was 40%, the amount of lime was 4kg/t, the amount of sodium cyanide was 3kg/t, the leaching time was 24h, and the total gold recovery rate was higher than 90%.

Project Result