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Colombia 50TPD Copper Mineral Processing Plant

The ore contained 0.14g/t of gold, 8.93% of copper, 80.0g/t of silver, 0.28% of lead, 0.45% of zinc and 0.54% of sulfur. The valuable elements that can be recovered were copper and silver. The useful elements in the ore were mainly copper and silver, and the copper-bearing minerals were mainly bornite, chalcopyrite, native copper, cuprite, malachite and so on.

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Xinhai Solution

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    After the grinding, the grinding particle size was -200 mesh (70.0%). The sulfide ore was sent to one-stage roughing, two-stage scavenging, and the oxidized ore was sent to one-stage roughing, three-stage scavenging and two-stage concentration. The final concentrate was the mixed concentrate.

Project Result

The yield of copper concentrate was 30.00%, the grade of copper was 25.95%, and the recovery rate of copper was 87.15%. The grade of silver was 255.2g/t and the recovery rate of silver was 95.63%.