Jiangxi 300TPD Fluorite Ore Processing Plant

Xinhai Mining provided Jiangxi 300TPD fluorite ore processing plant project with customized EPCM+O” Service including mine design and research, complete equipment manufacturing and procurement, dressing plant civil construction and installation, mine construction management, and mine operation. Xinhai Mining determines the mineral processing process based on the customer's product plan and comprehensive ore properties. Xinhai Mining's professional mineral processing technology and equipment and perfect service processes have been highly praised by customers, and have successfully helped customers build high-efficiency, automated green mines!

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Xinhai Solution

  • 01

    There is a close symbiosis between fluorite and quartz in the raw ore. In order to reduce the silica content in the concentrate, Xinhai Mining Technical Team increased the grinding fineness. In order to reduce the impact of primary mud and secondary mud on the separation operation, only the coarse concentrate is reground.

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    Subsequent beneficiation operations were added to remove some of the fine-grained fluorite and quartz conjoined bodies in advance to eliminate the impact of sticky minerals on flotation and further ensure the quality of the fluorite concentrate.

  • 03

    The raw ore adopts a two-stage and one closed-circuit crushing and screening process. After one stage of grinding and two stages of classification, the raw material has a fineness of -200 mesh 71%. After one coarse and one sweep separation, the coarse concentrate is obtained. The coarse concentrate is fined after re-grinding. The purity is increased to -325 mesh 90%, and after seven times fine selection and one time of fine-sweep selection, qualified fluorite concentrate is obtained, which is concentrated and filtered and then bagged to obtain the final fluorite concentrate product.

Project Result

Xinhai Mining Jiangxi 300TPD fluorite ore processing plant project was officially put into production in 2023! During project design and construction, Xinhai Mining adheres to the concept of green environmental protection and helps customers successfully build high-standard green mines through scientific process design and advanced technical equipment.