How a Leaching Agitation Tank is assembled from parts to product

How a Leaching Agitation Tank is assembled from parts to product?

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How a Leaching Agitation Tank is assembled from parts to product? Xinhai

Xinhai Double-impeller Leaching Agitation Tank is a kind of gold extraction machine with double impeller coated by rubber that is developed by Xinhai. Applications of this kind of leaching machine used in processing gold project include agitation, leaching and carbon adsorption in the gold cyanidation plant with more than 90% of slurry with the particle size of -200 meshes and the concentration of less than 45%. In addition, this series of agitation equipment can also be used for mixing, agitation and leaching operation in such industries as metallurgy, chemical industry, and light industry under corresponding conditions.

The main parts assembled to this kind of leaching agitation tank applied in cyanidation include double impeller, damping plate, vertical shaft, motor base, coupling support base, reducer base and tank body.

Dragged and agitated by the double impellers of the leaching agitation machine used in gold processing, the slurry in the tank body flows from the top to the bottom, spreads through the damping plate, blends with air at the bottom of shaft with upward circulation, and finally turns to be suspension mixture.

Advantages of Xinhai Double-impeller Leaching Agitation Tank used for processing gold ore are as following:

Compact structure and easy maintenance;

Low speed and low power consumption used the two new type impellers with large diameter;

Improved adsorption rate and import rate because of the moderate stirring intensity, pulp concentration and fineness distributes consistently;

Low circle speed and long service time with the impellers applied of rubber line;

Multi air feeding for the inflation system.

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