How to improve the performance of Raymond Mill

How to improve the performance of Raymond Mill?

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How to improve the performance of Raymond Mill? Xinhai

Raymond Mill, a kind of mineral processing equipment, has a strong performance in mineral processing and it has already become a complete set with a production system independently used for powder processing of materials.

Before discussing the way to improve the performance of Raymond Mill used for mineral processing, working principle of this kind of mineral processing machine shall be introduced. In the working processing of Raymond Mill, large bulk materials crushed by jaw crusher to the needed size are fed into storage hopper by mine hoist and then fed into grinding chamber of main engine uniformly, quantitatively and continuously by electromagnetic vibrating feeder for grinding. Grinded materials are blown into separator by blower for classification. With the function of impellers in the separator, materials without meeting the requirements of the fineness are fallen into grinding chamber for grinding again; materials meeting the requirements of the fineness are blown into cyclone powder collector with airflow through pipelines for separation and collection. Powder from discharging device is the finished product. Separated airflow is back to blower through return duct on the top of the cyclone powder collector.

Then, how to improve the performance of this kind of mineral processing machine? With the use of high quality steel and wear-resistant materials, Xinhai Raymond Mill can achieve a better performance with high wear resistance and reliable operation. Its capacity is up to 22 t/h.

The advantages are as follows.

1. Force produced from milling roller connected by pull rod and high pressure spring can avoid damages caused by bulk materials to the equipment. Resilient coupling between main engine and the separator can reduce vibration and noise and improve service life of the equipment.

2. Because of connecting crushing, drying, grinding, classifying and transmission together with simple system and compact layout, it covers about 50% of the area of the ball mill system and can be outdoor arrangement, which can reduce the investment cost a lot.

3. Milling roller devices adopt superimposed multistage seal with excellent seal performance.

4. Unique air circulation system with advanced dust remover carries the environmental protection concept through to the end.

5. Impeller devices with high density and high precision increase more than 50% of finished product yield under the same power. Efficient and energy-saving centrifugal induced draft fans improve the efficiency of induced draft fans greatly. Convenient impeller adjusting devices improve the precision of the finished product.

This Xinhai 3D demo video shows how large bulk materials are fed in storage hoper and then go to grinding chamber to get grinded, which can demonstrate the whole working principle of Raymond Mill.

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