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How to choose the suitable Chute Feeder applied for the Minerals Grinding, Xinhai

In mineral processing industry, there are many types of feeder. Chute feeder is one type of them. Chute Feeder can be installed on the ground or hoisted on the discharge port of ore bin. The chute bottom plates do the reciprocating movement. This kind of Feeding Machine is used to convey mineral lump from storage silo to equipment in industries like smelting, mining, chemical, building material, concentrating and coal, etc.

Generally,Chute Feeder is usually installed underneath the discharging opening of ore bin. Minerals all on the bushing. From the Xinhai 3D Chute Feeder demo video, it can be noticed that the bushing is located at the chute bottom, configured on idler wheel and via eccentric device connected with reducer which is linked to electric motor by coupler. When it works, electric motor drives reducer via coupler; eccentric disk and drain cap which is situated between chute frame bottom and roller begin to do reciprocal and linear motion so as to uniformly feed minerals.

According to customers’ requirements, a certain innovation has been made on Xinhai Chute Feeder. Xinhai Feeding Equipment, which mainly used in the ores feeding field. The speed adjustment motor takes place the old vison motor, whose rotating speed can be adjusted to production needs.

:When the Chute Feeding Machine/Equipment works, the motion of chute bottom slab is reciprocating, and the stroke can be adjusted by the eccentric wheel drive of transmission, the eccentric distance of which is half of the stroke. According to some production practices in mineral processing plant, the eccentric distance should be not less than 30 mm for sticky ores. The width of the chute feeder is about 2-2.5times the maximum particle size.

Xinhai Chute Feeder also has many advantages.

1. Simple structure, even feeding, as well as good continues performance;

2. Flow and feeding volume can be changed or controlled at any time;

3. Stable transmission and high efficiency;

4. Compact structure and reasonable design;

5. Excellent quality and wide application.

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