How is Ball Mill composed

How is Ball Mill composed?

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Xinhai Wet Energy-saving Grid Ball Mill is a kind of grinding equipment widely used in mineral processing. This kind of energy saving ball mill developed by Xinhai, is easy to start and saves 20-30% energy.

One innovation of this type of wet grid ball mill is lined grooved ring plate which increases the contact surface of ball and ore and strengthens the grinding. And the large ore outlet used in Xinhai Wet Grid Ball Mill increases the capacity reaching up to 160t/h. Application utilizing this kind of grinding machine developed by Xinhai includes grinding the ores in the first stage. In addition, Xinhai Wet Grid Ball Mill is the most used grinding products applied in the ore processing.

Main Parts of Xinhai Wet Energy-saving Grid Ball Mill

Xinhai Energy-saving Grid Ball Mill mainly consists of six parts which are feeding part, discharging part, rotary part, transmission part including reducer, small gear, motors, and electrical control and other major parts. Among them, hollow shaft is steel castings, and the liner is detachable. Rotary gear is processed by casting hobbing. The cylinder is lined wear-resistant liner plate with good resistance to wear.

Advantages of Xinhai Wet Energy-saving Grid Ball Mill

Easy to start and saveing 20-30% energy because using large double row self-aligning roller bearing with low friction force to replace sliding bearing;

Large ore outlet and large capacity reaching up to 160t/h;

Convenient for civil construction and equipment installation because the mill with diameter below 2.1 meters adopts whole mineral grinding machine frame;

Oil mist lubrication device guarantees the lubrication of all gears

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