Application of Hydrocyclone

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Hydrocyclone is a kind of classifying equipment that uses the different centrifugal force caused by the difference of material density. After several years of development, hydrocyclone has been widely used in various fields, such as mine classification, desliming, thickening, tailings filling&damming.

1. Classification. Hydrocyclone is often joint to grinding equipment for pre-classifying, coarse and fine grains classifying. The material is sent to the cylinder part under a certain pressure along the tangent direction, then the material moves along the cylinder wall. Under the joint action of centrifugal force and gravity, the material with large density moves downward in a spiral shape along the cylinder wall, then discharged from the port; the material with small density moves toward in a spiral shape along the center part, finally discharged through the overflow pipe while the finer particles form the spiral slurry flow with water in the cone center, then and discharges through the overflow pipe.

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2. Desliming. Hydrocyclone can remove various sludge and flotation reagents from the minerals. For example, it can recover concentrates and remove coarse sand from the non-metallic minerals.

3. Thickening. Hydrocyclone can be applied to concentrate the slurry with low density to achieve the process requirements.

4. Sand and impurity removal. There may be some impurities in the ore dressing process. And the hydrocyclone plays a good role in the impurity removal. Different types of hydrocyclone should be used in different minerals.

5. Tailings filling and damming. There are some requirements for particle size in tailings filling material, and the hydrocyclone can separate those unqualified particles.

These are just a few purposes of hydrocyclone, it also plays other roles in different industries.

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