Factors Affecting Hydrocyclone Work

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Hydrocyclone can be used in concentration, classification, desliming and separation according to the differences of material density. Hydrocyclone is featured with small coverage area and high classifying efficiency, but there are many factors that affect the hydrocyclone work. Actually, it is very difficult to determine the optimal working parameters in the actual hydrocyclone production, so what are the parameters that influence the hydrocyclone work?

Generally, the parameters that affect the hydrocyclone work can be divided into two kinds of parameters: structural parameters and operational parameters. 

hydrocyclone unit on site

1. The structural parameters include the diameter of cyclone, diameter of feeding port, diameter of overflow pipe, output size, inserting depth of overflow pipe, length of cylinder and cone body and the size of cone angle. Coarse particle classification often adopts large diameter hydrocyclone, and the fine grain is in the opposite. If the processing capacity is large, hydrocyclone can be connected in series or parallel. The diameter of overflow tube is proportional to the diameter of the cylinder, and the processing capacity increase with them, but the increasing of overflow pipe causes the thickening of overflow particle sizes. The output size has the small influence on the indexes of hydrocyclone, but the increasing output size will lead to the decrease of underflow concentration. In practice, the relative yield of overflow and setting can be adjusted by the diameter of overflow pipe and output size. 

overflow pipe of hydrocyclone

2. The operational parameters that affect hydrocyclone include feed concentration and feed pressure. Reducing the feed concentration can improve the classification efficiency. Generally, fine-grained materials adopt low concentration. And the feed pressure mainly affects the processing capacity of hydrocyclone, which has little effect on particle size.

There are many parameters that affect hydrocyclone work, which bring many problems to the hydrocyclone operation. Xinhai is a professional hydrocyclone manufacturer in China, who can meet the customer requirements in equipment selection and parameters adjustment.

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