Auto-control Device of High-efficiency Thickener

2018-01-19 XinHai Views (1533)

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Thickeners are widely used in the treatment of slime and wastewater in mining, metallurgy, coal, chemical, building materials and environmental protection enterprises. It can not only increase backwater utilization and underflow density but also play an important role in environmental protection. After being introduced America’s advanced production technology, High-efficiency thickeners researched and manufactured by Xinhai Mining Machinery Co., Ltd, and successfully become new-type equipment provided with sedimentation and dewatering functions. And these thickeners have an outstanding auto-control advantage. Here we will give you a brief introduction.

Xinhai high-efficiency thickeners are equipped with the integrated auto-control device, mainly manifested in two aspects.

Efficiency Thickener

1. Addition of Flocculants

After measuring and calculating the feedings density and flow, special flocculants feeding device will be used to add flocculants into screw conveyor via which materials will be transmitted to where they are processed. In order to maintain enough flocculants in pulp and keep a proper proportion of flocculants addition and solid content, we can control the addition of flocculants by changing flocculants pump rotary speed.

2. Compressed Layer Height and Underflow Density Control

Overflow density of high-efficiency thickeners changes with overflow pump rotary speed. Meanwhile, as overflow pump rotary speed is related to the interfacial level of compression region, there is some correspondence between compressed layer height and the amount of underflow. Therefore, an appropriate rotary speed of underflow needs to simultaneously meet these two parameters. In order to make deposited layer work better, underflow pump’s rotary speed should be control properly to maintain the interfacial level of compression region in suitable height. If the rotary speed is too high, materials in compressed region of thickeners will be evacuated easily, leading to decrease of overflow density. If the rotary speed is too low, it likely contributes to too high underflow density, thus resulting in difficult material discharge and blockage of the discharge pipe.

Xinhai has manufactured various kinds of high-efficiency thickeners with complete specifications. All of Xinhai high-efficiency thickeners have won users' credits in actual production and application.