Advantages of Grid Ball Mill

Advantages of Grid Ball Mill

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Ball mill is suitable for  grinding kinds of minerals, and it is widely used in beneficiation, building  materials, and chemical industry, which is divided into dry and wet type  grinding. According to different ways of discharge, ball mill is classified  into grid ball mill, overflow ball mill, and peripheral discharge ball mill.

Wet grid ball mill is composed with cylinder: wearable lining board  is inlayed in cylinder inside, and two ends have flange, which is connected  with end cover of mill by bolts. Ore feeding end: includes end cover, hollow  axis cervical, and ore feeder three parts. Discharge part includes grid liner,  end cover and discharge hollow. Main bearing, lubrication system, and  transmission system.

In  working process of grid ball mill, minerals inside move towards discharge part  with the pressure of feeding part. There are ladder discharge holes in grid  liner of discharge part, and the minerals which are qualified with grinding  fineness enter into sectorial ventricular back side of grid liner. Minerals  rotate with cylinder. Meanwhile, the slurry is raised to high, flow into  discharge hollow axis cervical, and it is discharged finally. Therefore, grid  ball mill belongs to a kind of low-level forced discharge, and the fine  minerals are discharged in time, reducing over-grinding. Since grid ball mill’s  discharge liquid level is lower than that of overflow, maximum density fine minerals  are not like those in overflow ball mill, in which minerals have faster free  settling speed, leading to discharge difficulty, and taking up ball mill  working space. Meanwhile, due to limited size of discharge holes in grid liner,  steel balls inside of ball mill will not be discharged with minerals. Big and  little steel balls are used together in grid ball mill, contributing to  improving grinding efficiency. Wet grid ball mill has a faster speed of  discharge. Therefore, unit volume capacity is bigger than that of same  specification overflow ball mill.

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