Xinhai Grid Type Ball Mill

Xinhai Grid Type Ball Mill

2016-12-23 XinHai Views (1300)

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After understanding and screening of gold  ore dressing enterprises in china, a gold ore main owner in Cambodia finally made  a decision to cooperate with Xinhai. Our team did a detail field investigation  then. We found that when using a common ball mill, due to the substrate, it  would cause some problems, like discharge block, abnormal plate fracture, etc.,  which result the breaking down of grinding machine. To solve this problem,  while taking into account that capacity reaches 1200 t/d, Xinhai decides to  select MQGg 2145 Wet-Type Energy-Saving  Ball Mill as the main grinding device. The ball mill grinding effect is  high, the discharging granularity is more controllable. Finally, the whole  grinding process is efficiently performed.The grid plate is forcibly discharged ore, and  ore discharge efficiency is high. This mill ore discharge end with a grid plate.  the grid plate is provided with a plurality of small holes for discharging  pulp. The grid plate closed to one side of the discharge end installs the  lifting device, which is a radial rib. The ribs divided the room between the  grid plate and the end cover into a plurality of fan chambers leading to neck  of hollow shaft. When the mill rotates, the radial ribs will improve pulp. The  pulp discharging from small holes on the grid plate is raised to the ore  discharge hollow journal, and through the hollow journal and then discharged  from the ore grinding machine. It forces the ore discharge, and improve production  capacity.By using large double-row self-aligning  roller shaft and a wave-type liner plate, the productivity is improved. This  ball mill applies large double-row spherical roller bearings instead of a  sliding bearing. The friction force is greatly reduced. And start easily,  energy saving by 20 -30%. The cylinder body adopts a wave-shaped lining plate,  which increases contact surface of the steel ball and the gold and also reduces  the energy consumption.High speed of ore discharge greatly reduces  the over-crushing. The wet type energy-saving grid ball mill has high speed of ore  discharge, which greatly reduces the phenomenon of over crushing, and can  increase the yield per unit volume. Compared with a straight energy-saving  overflow type ball mill, the yield of this ball mill is higher.According to test, our team found ore  components was very complex. Separation was extremely difficult. Finally the  gold mine designed to flotation-based gold ore dressing production line, a  three-stage closed-circuit crushing, one stage grinding, the flotation process,  and the tailings discharge process. This production line overcomes the  production problems caused by the multi-point ore supply, like unstable  operating conditions, the concentrate quality fluctuation, the tailings  grade-running is high, etc.

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