Main Models of Grid Ball Mill

Main Models of Grid Ball Mill

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Ball mill is an important equipment of crushing in industry, and it is widely used in cement, silicate products, new building material, refractory material, fertilizer, black and non-ferrous metal ore dressing and glass ceramics production industry. It does the wet or dry grinding for all kinds of ores and other materials. According to the pattern of discharging ball mill can be divided into overflow ball mill, grid ball mill, and peripheral ball mill.

The material in grid ball mill shell is put first through the discharging holes into the fan chamber which is on the inner surface of end cover. When the fan chamber rotates with the shell, under the action of gravity the slurry will go into the discharging trunnion and discharge from the mill. The ore fluid level of grid ball mill is low, the mining speed is fast and particles that meet the requirement can be discharged timely. This can reduce wear phenomenon. Compared with overflow ball mill which has the same specification, grid ball mill has faster-discharging speed, larger quantity, and lighter grinding degree. Grid type ball mill is used for all kinds of ores and other materials and widely used in mineral processing, construction and chemical industry and other departments of the national economy.

The current main models are:

Shenyang Metallurgical Machinery Company: MQG360/600, MQG360/550, MQG360/500, MQG360/450

China First Heavy Industries: 5200×6400, 4500×6000, 4000×5000, 4000×4000

China National Heavy Machinery Corporation: 3200×3100, 4000×6700, 1500×3000, 1500×1500

Liaoning Heavy Machinery Corporation: Φ1500×3000, Φ2700×2100, Φ1500×3000, Φ1500×2250

Xinhai Mineral Machinery Company: MQG4560, MQG4060, MQG3660, MQG3650, MQG3645;

Shenyang Heavy Machinery Corporation: MQS3660, MQS3650, MQS3645, MQS3639, MQG2714

Henan Qunying Machinery Company: 2100×3000, 2100×2200, 1500×3000, 1500×1500

Jiangxi Mineral Company: Φ1500×3000, Φ1500×1500

Hengyang Metallurgical Machinery Company: QSG-1530, QSG-2836A, QSG-3645

Nanzhong Mineral Machinery Company: Φ1500×1500, Φ1500×3000

Nanchang Heavy Machinery Corporation: MQS2100×3000, MQS2100×2200, MQS1500×3000, MQS1500×1500.

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