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Some suggestions to Ball Mill Liners

2017-03-08 XinHai Views (1189)

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Ball mill liners are worn and impacted by steel and mine continuously in grinding, thereAfore liners are one of mill consumption parts. Good habits of using mill machine in the daily producing process can reduce wear and tear, decrease mending time and improve machine efficiency. To the use of mill liners, the following is some suggestions:

Try to keep feeding equally in practical and avoid much less or no material in the mill. As less or no material, steel ball and liner will impact more strong, which does large harm to ball mill liner.

To reduce mill feeding grade can adopt high-pressure roll mill and super-fine crushing, realizing more crushing and less grinding. After feeding particle is reduced, the ball size can lessen accordingly. As Grinding Body Filling ratio is decreasing, the wear and tear probability of ball mill liner is less naturally. 

The amount of water of grinding material keeps under 2%, which can prevent acid and alkaline substance in grinding material from forming corrosive material, thus protecting ball mill liner from corrosion.

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Hydrocyclone, spiral classifier and other classifier machine form close circuit with grinding machine. Close grinding mill includes big material ball, and the ratio of steel ball and liners becomes small naturally, which can protect liner effectively.

Controlling the interior temperature by enhancing the airing in the mill or adopting effective removing heat system.

Adopting Grinding Aid can improve mineral grinding properties, and it can reduce the wear and tear to ball mill liner.

Controlling the feeding material temperature under 50℃for keeping grinding working in normal temperature.

Ball Mill Liner not only protect mill cylinder but also influence the steel ball movement statement. Therefore a good habit of using mill can reduce the need for liner wear and tear, at the same time, it is necessary for keeping grinding working normally.

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