Xinhai: the Best Gravity Thickener Suppliers

Xinhai: the Best Gravity Thickener Suppliers

2015-12-18 XinHai Views (993)

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Xinhai as a gravity thickener suppliers, the thickener produced is widely used for the treatment of slime, wastewater, and waste residue in mining, metallurgy, chemical, building material and environmental protection departments. Thickener used for mine and metallurgy is called gravity thickener. As the material gravity thickener to deal with has big density and high hardness, and sometimes it has a large capacity, so we have a high requirement for gravity thickener especially used for ferrous metal and non-ferrous metal. Xinhai Mining Machinery Co., Ltd is the representative of gravity thickener in China, and most mine companies use gravity thickener supplied by Xinhai.

Gravity thickener manufactured by Xinhai Mining Machinery Co., Ltd has updated high-efficiency thickener, high-efficiency thickener, center transmission thickener, thickener with peripheral roller transmission, high-efficiency deep-cone thickener, thickener with peripheral rack transmission, hydraulic pressure center transmission thickener and vibration inclined-plate high-efficiency thickener. All those thickeners have its regular, the smallest thickener has 1.8m inner-diameter (NZS1 center transmission thickener), the largest thickener has 100m inner diameter (NZY-100 hydraulic pressure center transmission high-efficiency thickener).

 Xinhai Mining Machinery Company manufactures gravity thickeners such as automatic agent feeder system, automatic rake system, an automatic control system, and they can realize the real automatic control (such as hydraulic pressure center transmission high-efficiency thickener). Some gravity thickener has a small land occupation but large capacity (such as high-efficiency deep-cone thickener, vibration inclined-plate high-efficiency thickener). Some gravity thickener has the traditional structure and high stability (such as thickener with peripheral roller transmission).

Gravity thickener of Xinhai has complete specifications and good quality, we guarantee that there is always one right for your mine. Gravity thickener, Xinhai is the best choice.