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Directory of Grinding Balls Manufacturers

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Grinding balls manufacturers are around the world. Used as the grinding media, with the combination of their own gravity, force of friction and centrifugal force caused by their rotation, steel balls revolve and drop on and on along with the shells rotation generated by motors and gears, thus impact and grind the ores to make them crush. That is how ball mills achieve the grinding purpose. There’s a massive demand for ball mills at home, among which are usually ball mills with smaller sizes. Such a fact accords with our national situations that small scale concentrators account for a quite large proportion and their demand accordingly concentrates on smaller equipment. However, the foreign concentrators commonly achieve a large-scale development, modernization and basically automation. Therefore, the average workers they need to produce every 10,000-ton concentrates are far less than that of China plants. Despite Chinese grinding balls manufacturers are hard to achieve upsizing and automation like their foreign competitors, the gap of their equipment levels is rather narrow. Most of China iron ores are low-grade lean ores and its average grade of iron ores is only about 25%, so China relies seriously on foreign iron ores. China iron ores have a high content of gangue minerals that closely combine with the objective minerals and have fine-grained dissemination, which requires more efficient ball mills to separate them with the objective minerals.

The quality and prices of ball mills vary from different grinding balls manufacturers. In China domestic market, China Nonferrous Metal Industry’s Foreign Engineering And Construction Co., Ltd (NFC), China First Heavy Industries and CITIC Heavy Industries Co., Ltd also manufacture ball mills. Thitherto, NFC is a leading metallurgical machinery factory in China with more than 40 years experiences of making grinding equipment. It specializes in design and manufacturing, with product of complete varieties and specs. Besides, its products are also in a center stage both in quantity and quality. As for Xinhai Mining Machinery Co., Ltd, it’s a large and all-round international company, engaging in the exploitation, manufacturing and selling of mining machines in various areas. Xinhai has the abundant strength, with considerable influence in domestic market.