The Abrasion of Ball Mill Liner

The Abrasion of Ball Mill Liner

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The ball mill liner and grinding medium are  directly contacting with the ore particles which affects the movement state of  the grinding media and the ore particles and affects the grinding effect. Among  the influence of the ball mill lining on the grinding effect the most important  one is the influence of the material and the liner’s shape on grinding effect.

The influence of ball mill liner material  on grinding effect:

Ball mill liner’s materials include stone,  metal or alloy, wear-resistant rubber and others. When the liner is stone, the  wear-resisting degree is small, and the abrasion is large. The liner needs to  be change frequently and its service life is no more than eighteen months. When  the ball mill liner is metal or alloy, the wear-resisting degree is big and the  deformation ability is weak, so the grinding effect is the best and service  life can reach two to three years. When the ball mill liner is wear-resisting  rubber, the deformation ability is strong and the impact on steel balls and  grinding will produce certain buffer effect, therefore, the general grinding  effect is weaker than metal plate while better than stone.

The influence of ball mill liner’s shape on  grinding effect:

The shell’s liner affects the grinding performance  most. According to different shapes, ball mill liner can be divided into parallel  liner, corrugated liner, ladder-type liner, hemispherical liner, convex  prismatic liner, etc. When the shape of the liner is relatively flat, steel  balls will do falling movement in the shell and the effect is mainly from  grinding, then impact; when the shape are waveform and concave steel balls do  dropping movement and the effect is mainly from impact, then grinding, this  kind of liner has good effect in grid ball mill.
Study shows that, compared to high  manganese liner, Xinhai’s wear-resistant ball mill liner has similar effect  while its energy consumption can reduce by six percent and steel consumption  can be reduced about eight percent; its service life can reach three to four  years which is a big leap in ball mill industry and it is an ideal ball mill  liner to numerous customers.

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