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Operation Principle of Cone Overflow Ball Mill

2015-10-22 XinHai Views (1015)

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Just like ordinary ball mill, the main component of cone overflow ball mill is a cylinder with diameter and length at a reasonable proportion. There are some big gear ring on the surface of the cylinder, the cylinder is driven by the pinion which meshes with big gear ring. There is wear-resistant liner in the cylinder of ball mill, the lining can reduce wear of materials and steel to the cylinder while also can affect the movement of the steel ball. Then I will introduce operation principle of cone overflow ball mill, make the cone overflow ball mill of Xinhai Mining Group as an example.

The cone overflow ball mill is just like the picture. The cylinder liner can upgrade the steel balls to a certain height, to use the impact of the ball downward movement to broke the material. When the cylinder speed is greater than the critical speed of the steel balls as a centrifugal movement, this movement cannot crush material, and in general, this movement should be avoided. When the cylinder speed is less than the critical speed, the movement of steel balls can be separated into two types: falling down movement and drain down movement. In the critical speed when the steel balls speed is too large, the steel balls will directly impact the liner, it will lose the value of broken material and increase the wear to the liner. When the cylinder is at a suitable speed, the steel balls fall down from a certain height and it can crush material. When the cylinder speed is small, the main movement of steel balls is diarrhea movement. This movement has strong abrasiveness, and it is suitable for fine grinding. The falling down movement of steel balls has a strong impact on materials, and it is suitable for kibble grinding. In the cone overflow ball mill, the hollow shaft neck of material exhaust end is bigger than it of the ore exhaust end. Therefore, when the slurry is higher than the minimum inner diameter of the material exhaust end, the material will gravity flow of the ball mill. About the cone overflow ball mill, the material exhaust end is a tapered design, this design can increase the volume, and it can grade the material and steel balls in vertebral. The closer to the exhaust end, the smaller diameter of steel balls, which can grind material over and over and improve product fineness.

Like other ball mills, the operation principle of cone overflow ball mill doesn't have much change, but with the optimization of its structure, the development trend is more energy saved, more stable and larger processing amount.