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Models of Overflow Ball Mills

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Overflow ball mills are the most commonly used mill in the grinding stage for a processing plant. Double rolling bears are adopted in overflow ball mill instead of sliding bears, which will reduce the friction during grinding work and solve the problem of tear and hard turn on. The barrel is forced by the gearing, so the materials could be lifted by it and ground by the steel balls in the barrel. Materials are fed continuously at the feeding end, discharging at the discharging end by the pressure. Materials after grinding are discharged while the remains are ground again until they could be discharged at the discharging end.


Overflow ball mills are indicated as MQY diameter of barrel*length of the barrel. Enterprise differs in the naming ways, however, there is common, MQ indicates ball mill, together with the Y which indicates overflow type and add the specification. Overflow ball mill manufactured by XINHAI is indicated as MQY1224, which means overflow ball mill with diameter 1200mm and length 2400mm. XINHAI has redesigned a wet energy-saving ball mill which is indicated as MQYg 1224. The added g means energy-saving type. This kind of energy-saving ball mill could save energy about 20 percent to 30 percent.

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