Grid Type Ball Mill Liners

A brief Introduction of the Grid Type Ball Mill Liners

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The grid ball mill liners usually are high manganese steel, chromium steel rubber composites, etc. The high manganese steel liner in ball mill has been replaced by the alloy plate, and with the using of the alloy plate liner, the alloy plate liner has replaced the manganese steel liner and other liners and became the mainstream of the ball mill liner. The liner has a great important role in protecting the cylinder and effecting the movement of steel balls.

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As the grid ball mill's inside suffered the continuous impact of the steel ball and ore, so we have special requirement s for the ball mill liners mechanical characters.

Firstly, the liner must high wear resistance and impact resistance,;

Secondly, for ball mill, it must have the characters of high toughness and high strength;

Finally, the liner must meet the requirement of high performance-coast ratio and strong adaptability.

The high quality liner not only can guarantee the normal operation, but also can reduce the frequency of the maintenance and replacement, improve the operating rate and decrease the production cost.

According to the different ore and different production line, we chose the different type and material liner. Grid ball mill liner could be divided into smooth liner and unsmooth liner according to the shape.

As shown above, the grid ball mill liner has many shapes, such as wedge form, wave form, flat convex form and parallel form. The different grinding stage has the different requirements for the liner shapes. As the friction between steel ball and smooth liners is small, the steel ball slide large, and the grinding is strong, so the smooth liner is mainly used for finely ground. The friction between the unsmooth liner and steel ball is large, and the liner can bring the steel ball in a great height in.

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