A Large Ball Mill Manufacturer

A Large Ball Mill Manufacturer

2015-09-29 XinHai Views (1313)

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large ball mill is a kind of cardiac equipment of refining machine after the ore being coarsely crushed. Xinhai has ranked top of the list all the time among the large ball mill manufacturers in China. The large ball mills manufactured by Xinhai mainly used for ferrous and non-ferrous dressing processing of dry or wet grinding of ore or other grinding materials available.

The large ball mills of Xinhai drove by the engagement of helical gear to transfer power from the motor to the cylinder, which drives the cylinder to rotate. Xinhai adopted the same motor with bilateral rotate of the helical gear to meet the power demands of the largely sized ball mills. The size of the gear will increase with the large of the ball mill, so to ensure the correct meshing of the pinion and gear under the condition of full load operation, Xinhai has developed on -line and non-tangible gear monitoring system, which installed more than three infrared thermometers to the observation gate of the gear cover to test the changes of the temperature caused by the changes of the contact stress of the gear surface, and alarm systems also been installed for avoiding the early position deviation and lubrication problems.

Large ball mills of Xinhai mainly including straight-cylinder energy-saving grid ball mill, straight-cylinder energy-saving overflow ball mill and wet grid ball mill, etc. The diameter of the cylinder can reach over 5 meters and the cylinder itself can get 8 meters long, and in order to improve productivity, a big discharge ore mouth is adopted to get the capacity over 160t/h.

Though the large ball mill has high intensity and low consumption, the equipment is heavy and inconvenient to install and maintenance thus inflexible to usage. The sundries around the ball mill should be removed when starting the large ball mill, and check if the safety facilitates are perfect, and whether the assembly bolts are fastening and reliable. Then tighten the entrance covers and added enough lubricating oil into the lubrication parts and check regularly during the operating duration.